The Number 23 | deck | Bergmeister wheels | TKP heXL x 3Dsas trucks | SS mini Gear Drive v4 | Overion 6374 130kV | 12s 8/16Ah | Dual ESCape | +

Hey e-riders !

I want to make a new build log. This setup will the culmination of almost half-year of thinking, because I’m doing a big cleaning in my gear and have to let go all the stuff before another move (in our future house) ^^
So yeah, it was hard to choose the material to keep only one esk8 (and one MTBoard of course) !

The beginning of this design process was to build something to keep as a daily-driver, which would be reliable, as sweet as comfy, and it will be my kart track board as a cruiser board along the river with my love.

Like I just get the new drive train and like I’m finally able to use this heXL TKP split trucks (… it was my last summer project in point of fact, lol), I think it’s time for building now!

I just miss one or two things !
The deck and so, the enclosure.
I’m thinking about make my own, I was thinking Evo style for the big drop, but I’m using lipos and not 18650 cells. So maybe not finally. Also I liked the tiny drop of my Rubbisher setup, with light W concave, wide, maybe just a bit short for me even if it’s one of the more appropriate length stance Ive tried in dh style.
So I want a 44", dropped a bit and usable as foot-stop, nicely shaped with pedals etc., good concave and a camber, workable with <6" wheels … You will say go Redember! Yeah, I know, I try last year. But I’m thinking maybe about an enclosed one too.

Something a bit like this but working with Bergs.

The listing :

  • Deck : custom, have to be made … Maybe an Axis or Icarus pending …
  • Trucks : heXL baseplates and bushing seats, 3Dsas 260mm hangers
  • Wheels : Bergmeister 145mm AT wheels
  • Motor mount : FatBoy SS Mini Gear Drive V4 (masterpiece design <3 )
  • Gearing : spur gear 12 x 36T
  • Motors : Overion 6374 130kV sensored
  • ESCs : Dual ESCape (production round)
  • Battery pack : lipo 12s 8/16Ah 15c
  • Module : Metr.Pro
  • Monitor : DAVEga X
  • Remote : GT2B custom 3D print
  • Enclosure : custom, have to be made if not enclosed deck …

to be continued …


i think i know what you’ll use with this lol


:grin: 2 or 4 x 6s 8Ah 15c Lipo Graphene, I will make the enclosure accept 4 of them and them only set them when I need power or range.

I have to work on the deck to know how madly deep it has to be :sweat_smile:

I have had a project using them, it was pretty deep :

Like I want to make my enclosed deck with a bottom trap this time, I’m also thinking about a slim enclosure added, like BB enclosure style on hummies.


could easily use the pcb to have a permanently connected pcb. then when you want 8ah, you only plug in one set of batteries. When you want 16ah you can just plug in 2 sets. easy :wink::wink:

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What did you do to separate the original HeXL hanger?

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shout at it


Hahahah I was gunna say it couldn’t have been fun


To make the setup works with Axis deck for now, I play a bit around :

but Axis is really flex, so :

and try to make it look a bit more “sexier” :

And a MadBox for the Dual ESCAPE :

Funny render :

to be continue :v:


are these custom enclosures?

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Yes, highly inspired by the master eBoosted :grin:
All 3D renders you can see here, are always created from scratch with my retarded laptop :grimacing: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I lost so much work with this fucking one …

All this is lost forever … yes, thanks for fusion cloud working way that doesn’t work …
I take some breath and restart a few days later :

(It’s a 10 yrs old Dell laptop, I need a new PC station, @Mainflow help me a bit some month ago, now I’m selling esk8 stuff so I can buy it and re-live serenely again ^^ )

I got a lot of new stuff created (new fail-proof GD, new TKP trucks, MBS M2 baseplate upgrade, new MTB hangers, box/enclosures, future new drive style for MTB, rims, decks, etc. etc. ), working on fusion it’s like playing video games for me :slight_smile: when my computer accept it). Those really deserve to be alive ! So, I got a CNC now, soon a new workshop …


Created with the Steel sheet section?