The new purple tires from evolve are pink :(

I would have went with the 8" MBA rodies that are a light purple since the dark ones are no longer made and died them darker kinda not happy with this color


They’re pretty light though so you could probably still dye them and get good results.

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What dye works best I have heard rit synthetic

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Same here.

On a separate topic, do these giant adapters not give you mad wheel wobble?

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I would not be happy either brother. That looks like Barbies esk8.


Instead of dying the wheels a pink wig might help the composition :wink:


I would be more worried about the screw missing on the front left wheel.






add a little blue to them they’ll purple right up.

looks like magenta on my screen.

Lol that happend getting them on one snapped the evolves are a very tight fit I’m replacing the screw today

nope if anything the issue is if thay hit something or if i go over 30 for a extended time thay will rip the tube by the valve

It seems like very weak bolts :thinking:
Maybe replace them all for good measure

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im going to get a full new set but im sure it was my fault and not the bolts i got pissed off trying to get the tiers on the rim so i just used the bolts to crank them down then over inflated them like ya would on a car lol

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do you have any wisdom when it comes to dyeing them like what to use or any tricks to the process

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nope! No idea.

I’ve never even attempted to dye tires.

This is a sad day for the esk8 community.

People have had good results dying a dark color like black but you may be able to hit purple with navy dye

RitDye is what you’re after, but search the other forum for tips.

Get the version made for dying nylon and not the cotton one!

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Update it can be done