I am pleased to say, I’m finally done with what I am calling : “The Navy Camo Build.” I chose this name for lack of imagination, and because I used official U.S. Navy Camouflage cloth for skinning the deck. As I have more free time, more pics and information will be added to this thread. Also, many thanks to the members of this community. Esk8 News Forum is the leading resource for DIYers…without a doubt.

This was my third build.


⦁ Deck: Fluxmotion

Back in May, I was able to pick up a couple of these. They had some very minor cosmetic defects, and were very reasonably priced. Thank you to Frederic @Eboardsolutions

⦁ Trucks: MBS Matrix II Oilslicks

⦁ Wheels: MBS Rockstar Pro

⦁ Tires: Kenda 200x50

I took out the orange shock blocks. Added yellow in the front, and red in the rear. This combo turned out to be perfectly stable and super carvey. Thank you Joel @MBS

⦁ Motors: Torqueboard 190kv 6380

⦁ Motor Pulleys: Torqueboard 18T

Thank you @torqueboards.

⦁ Motor mounts: ATC Dual Motor Mounts, with dual idlers.

⦁ Wheel Pulleys: ATC 72T (T6061 Aluminum)

Thank You @ATC.

⦁ ESC: Unity

⦁ Remote: Hoyt Puck (Hoyt Street)

⦁ Remote Shell & Thumb Nub: Puck, Puck, Bruce
(Derelict Robot)

Thank you @DerelictRobot

⦁ BLE Module: Metr Pro Unity

⦁ Battery: 12s 6p Samsung INR18650 30q 3000mAh

Thanks @BluPenguin (wherever you are.)

⦁ BMS: LLT 12s Smart BMS

⦁ Telemetry: Davega X

I couldn’t wait, so I went and saw a guy who has things. Thank you @Jamie42.

⦁ Fuse Management: Lacroix Unity Adapter

I had a hell of a time finding this. It is incredibly useful, and I wish Lacroix would sell them. I’m sure many of us would buy them. I feel like the demand is there @Arch

⦁ Charging: 8A Power Charger

Thanks @Accrobrandon

⦁ Enclosure: DIY

This was a labor intensive undertaking. I made a mold from foam, tape, and press & seal. I wanted to it to be low profile, as the battery was spread out. In hindsight, I would have made it roughly 3/8" deeper, so fitting everything was a challenge. Materials used: 4 oz. fiberglass cloth, carbon fiber cloth System Three Silvertip Epoxy with Slow Hardener.

⦁ Charging Port/Power Button Placement

The reason for this, is so I have the option of adding a small, portable external battery pack, for those extra long rides.

⦁ Top Skin: DIY

Same type of epoxy used. Additional materials: Navy camouflage cloth, carbon fiber, medium glass frit (black.) Thank you @Sender, for your wisdom, & answering my questions.

As much time, money, and expectation that went into this build…I was underwhelmed with the original wheels. So, I snagged some Land-Surf hubs and pulleys. I was not disappointed. They are perfect! I love them. Worth every penny!

⦁ *Everything Else will soon be added


Damn dude, this is a sexy ass build.

What light bar mount did you use for the back taillights? I need l get that!


Lystin Bike Handlebar Extender, Aluminum Alloy Bicycle Handlebar Extension Double Clamp Bike Bracket Bicycle Accessories for Holding Flashlight Speedometer GPS Phone Mount Holder
oEdRo LED Light Bar 2pcs 6 Inch 18W LED Work Light Off Road Lights Car Boat Lights Fog Driving Light Lamp Compatible for UTE SUV 4X4 4WD ATV Jeep 3 Years Warranty (Spot Fog Lamp)
Nilight - 90027B 2PCS LED Light Bar Horizontal Bar Clamp Mounting Kit Fit on 0.75" 1" 1.25" Bull Bars Roof Racks Roll Cages for ATV UTV and Trucks, 2 Years Warranty
I got a ton of stuff from Amazon


Looks really good man! Very slick!


Thanks man!

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What external antenna are you using? I need that for my build


2.4ghz WiFi Antenna 2dbi SMA Male (Pin) Connector with Mini PCI U.FL to SMA Female WiFi Pigtail RF1.13 Cable 15cm(Pack of 2)

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I’m sure you probably already know. But don’t let the antenna touch anything conductive (metal, carbon fiber.) I made that mistake and one was smoking during motor detection…the one connected to the Metr BLE. I drilled out larger holes, and used some plastic/epoxy for backing. And mounted them directly in the center of the larger holes. So now there is zero contact with the enclosure. I’m saying this, cuz I peeped your build with the metal enclosure. Nice work man. Very creative and different. :+1:

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Pretty dope build, the camo reminds me of the camo on my SR-71 Bluebird build, but yours looks really slick with the frit


@ShutterShock Thanks. I took forever to finish it. I did the skin way back in July. I hadn’t seen this anywhere, as far as I know.
🖼 Pictures and Nothing Else!

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HAHA dude you just saved me. That’s exactly the info I needed to know, thanks !

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Ya I finished my build somewhere in June I think. I’ve got gray navy camo on my griptape. I wanted to do frit and something more complicated like yours but decided I didn’t want to spend that much more time on it

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@ShutterShock If you decide to skin in the future, and also frit. Get the surface roughed up, then lay down some good white primer. It will make the camo pop. I had to strip off my 1st attempt, because the logo was showing through. It’s actually a pretty forgiving process, cuz you can sand between coats. Regarding cost $$$…You can get all the materials for around $100. BTW, I hit up @Sender for advice. He is the master of this stuff.


Yah believe me I have seen his work haha it’s great. My hummie is just carbon fiber so no logo on it

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This build is so sick :exploding_head: :heart_eyes:
@janpom steal it to the gallery


Oh wow! Stealing it right now. Will have hard time selecting just 4 pics. @SoCalLA, may I? (


Absolutely, go for it!


I know there is a wait list, and I can understand why. But I have a new build, which is better than this one… ready for a Davega. Do you have anything ready to ship? I can PayPal you friends and family now. I am running Focbox Unity, and could use blue or black. Also, I will have better pics for you this time.

I could only give you one with a raw housing now. If you wanted black or red you’ll need to wait for about a month.

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@SoCalLA – Are you still active on this forum?

Just so happens I purchased this board from a local guy in my area. Its cold outside, but I can’t wait to hop on this and really get to know it.
Your work is top notch!