The most quiet motors? Any idea?

I know many people love the sound of their board and do not want it to be quiet. But I am building a mountain board and I think having a quiet board would be nice!

I also know helical gears would be more quiet than straight. Herringbone gears seems to be the best in that area!

In your experience, does bigger motors make more or less noise with same current?
Does the KV has an impact on the sound of the motor?

Any model or brand to recommend? Maytech, Alien Power?

Thank you!


Direct drive with pneumatic tires will probably be the quietest option.


But that pretty much necessitates 4wd. Otherwise most of the available direct drives would fail turning pneumatics, off-road.

I think belts can be pretty darn quiet when adjusted correctly. Limited experience here but I found that 170kv motors whine slightly lower than 190kv which to me sounds quieter.

Curved magnets like the ones used on the new FS motors can also contribute to a stealthy quiet motor.

Sound ∝ RPM

Use low KV motors and a ratio close to 1:1

Use sensors, not HFI


Hub motor boards


@hummieee said he was making some, but that was quite a while ago now.


the new flipsky are very quiet and with a well greased helical system they are very silent.


IDK if it’s just my hearing or something, but I feel like after 80% or so the motors get high pitched enough that it actually seems quieter? Maybe it’s something to do with my drivetrain.


I think it has something to do with resonance in the bell.


I’ve noticed that boards like my buddy’s single drive budget build that if a motor is operating at low torque high speed it gets worse.

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Would it be possible to have direct drives with nice mountain boatd trucks? I dont think so… Torqueboards told me they are not made for impacts.

There’s always the Backfire Ranger hubs. Not that powerful compared to the outrunner stuff normally run and limited to airless wheels, but probably the closest you can get to direct drive on large wheels. By far the quietest AT setup available, but again down on power.

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If you’re feeling crafty you could, but none of the current ones are meant for it, pneumie 8" wheels would be the easiest but they are usually mediocre quality (by design a low kv motor asked to push enough torque for a off road board with such a large diameter will always generate a LOT of extra heat so you’ll be thermal throttling pretty quick unless you run AWD)

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Boosted motor being driven in FOC, quietest one I have tried. Don’t count if you only heard it in a boosted board, they don’t run FOC

Also increasing the switching frequency is a must, the default is still audible for most people, I personally still hear it even at 25 kHz due to harmonics


Be careful though, you’re gonna make a dog’s ear bleed if you start running big motors hot and heavy with high switching frequency


Thanks for you replies! 4wd direct drive for pneumatic tires that would fit on mountain board trucks would be nice but I did not see that anywhere. And I do not want to go for Tranzite 4wd mtb with hubs because those hubs are very heavy.

How can I know that a Flipsky motor is a new one on their website?

Thanks for your reply! What is the switching frequency? How do you adjust that?

New ones are called ‘battle hardened’

It’s how fast the transistor inside the ESC operate, the default is 20 kHz, for me it is pretty audible, was almost the same as the BLDC mode of operation

No all hardware will work the same, on VESC 6 I know 25 kHz works without problem, but for example, on the StormCore 100D I couldn’t make it work higher than the default

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Gears drives go brrrrrrhsssshhh mmmmm. I love my Jetson sound effects. Better than a horn.

My 3DS gear drives with Fllipsky 6374 motors are extremely quiet. Sometimes people cant hear me coming up behind them on the trail. I need a horn or bell.