The Little Brother - Loaded Coyote, unity, bergs

Hey guys I need some advice for my build. So here’s my parts list so far
Flipsky 6354 motors
Loaded Coyote with eboosted enclosure
10s3p of 30qs
Bergs with Janux Pulleys
I need help with 2 things:

  1. I need wide enough trucks to clear the width of the coyote deck (which is 213mm wide) I was originally looking at BN 220s but I know that the bergs alone are 45mm wide and there’s no way I can fit those wheels without my feet touching them. So my two options are either BN 270s or get some MBS Matrix 2 trucks (suggested by @mmaner)
  2. If I do get the MBS trucks, I would need to source bearings that are 12x22x7mm bearings so that the bergs can go on the Matrix trucks. The only issue I’m having with this is that I’ve only been able to find 12x22x5mm bearings and I’m not sure if that would work.
    Any advice would be appreciated. I know this is a really weird build but I am determined to make it happen… unless it can’t then I’ll probably just end up giving up and switching to urethane. Thanks guys

You might want to consider a bigger battery, your range will be super low especially with the sag from a 10s3p.


12x22x5 will be fine, just use speed rings/spacers to locate them to the outside of the hub faces. But I imagine the lifespan if those bearings would be pretty low.

Skate kastle are doing a urethane kit for matrix ii, not sure what bearings they are using but they might sell them seperately.

My advice would be to go with the BN270s if they will work for you.

Also, I second what @yelnats8j has said, 10s3p 30q is gonna be no fun at all


Yeah I do plan on having multiple packs. I think having 2 10s4p packs will do me fine for the type of riding I want to do. This is just going to be a neighborhood cruiser and I don’t plan on riding longer distances with them. If I do, I’ll have 2 extra 10s4p packs in my backpack so that I can just swap them out if I need to

My only issue with the 12x22x5mm bearings is that the balls are really small (lol small balls…) and I bet those probably won’t last longer than 3 months if I ride this board every day

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This ftw. It will save you trouble.
Also I don’t know what you need, but as stated 10s3p is lowwwww for pneumies.
Sell the bergs and get tb 110 :smile:.
But I understand the need of pneumatics as well.

Got all the mechanical and electronics all put together. Ran into a couple of issues:

  1. My unity from @PixelatedPolyeurthan got rained on because the package was opened when it went through customs. Somehow the unity still turns on but have not yet ran it through detection
  2. Both my motors got dropped from moving and now they have this weird clicking noise.
    Time to test fit to see if I get wheel bite