The law in Ireland

Change is a coming and like most EU unliberated countries it’s going to have to be on the back of scooter rental/adoption in cities

I fear accidents and liability along with idiots could ruin it on a hot second, fingers crossed

Welcome to the taste of Freedom.

–A proud resident of the Free World that has been mowing down pedestrians on entirely too fast Birds scooters in the Santa Monica area since 2016


if you go to san francisco you see these bull crap scooters on the sidewalk and cutting off pedestrians. it’s really amazing.

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Ill be there on the last weekend in June! Ill for sure be riding some !

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There’s so many people doing it the law isn’t quite sure how to deal with it over here various transport issues such as congestion and poor public transportation, I believe there has been confiscations but not a city dweller

It’ll happen but till then I prefer to sneak around beachside

USA ftw esk8 wise no doubt I see these crazy big groups pictured and well I’m jeslous

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I don’t know about that. Honestly Santa Monica was sort of a shit show when Bird put out its scooters. 30 mph is just too fast in an area that already has dense crowds and cars to boot. I

I haven’t actually seen one of those big groups in my area.

Scooter riders will get esk8 bannded… over 300 people reported injuries at emergency rooms this year. Scooters launched here a month ago. Marquette College a large college here in the downtown area has outlawed all scooters on campus property

Have you gone to do Esk8 in Santa Monica? I was going to ride up there in a few weeks. Anything I should avoid?

People are stupid and uneducated on how to use them properly, San Diego is cracking down on the scooter laws, they were one of the first places to enforce the GeoFencing rules, and might end up kicking Lime out completely for breaking the GeoFencing rules. Lime says they didn’t break the rules but who knows.


they say a lot of those 300 were not riders but people that were ran over by scooters…I agree a lot of riders are inexperienced riders…one guy told me he NEVER skateboarded or roller skated in his life. now he’s on an electric scooter…without protection of any kind.

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Never a diy build. Just the pay per minute scooters

Avoid the promenade, (3rd Street) . They’ll kick you out faster than a cheetah pouncing on a limping Trump.
Also 1st Street aka santa Monica Blvd. Littered with gawkers. There’s lots of pevs out there so you shouldn’t have much trouble. Of course the local law enforcement isn’t going to cut you any slack if you screw around in traffic

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Right I mean we probably would stick to bike lanes. Gawkers? So basically stay off of promenade and don’t be stupid and I will probably be fine?

I probably should make my friends buy helmets before we go lol