the kmart special | not a serious build

I started esk8’ing on a Black Hawk Electric Street Series v3 - a very cheaply built, low performance, unreliable hub board. Completely unknown hub motors, epoxy-potted car ESC, and a 7s2p battery with some kind of LG cells. To be frank, it wasn’t very good, but it was still good fun considering I haven’t ridden anything better yet.

Unfortunately, back in May, I crashed it into a car. Running late to a lecture, I dumped the throttle down a small hill leading to a pedestrian crossing, forgot to brake, and T-boned a car at 30kph, with no safety equipment. After a fractured eye socket (and a titanium plate now holding it together), a fractured knuckle, a mild concussion, and some rough facial lacerations, I’m back at it.

However, an actually good board is still out of my reach - I’ve been planning a proper full-DIY build for a long time, and I have a post about it which is mostly out-of-date now, but until I switch to full-time work, I’m not able to get working on it. The solution, of course, is to get my old parts running again. The deck was completely trashed - the front truck was completely wrenched out of the deck, taking some big chunks of wood with it. Surprisingly though, all the hardware is still fine.

Buying a new longboard deck just for some terrible parts is a bit boring though, and still kinda costly. Most importantly, it’s not funny. Therefore, I’ve created this monstrosity.

This is a $30 Kmart children’s skateboard, with the parts from my longboard shoddily bolted to it. This board is 70% car accident. It wobbles like hell, the case isn’t flat against the deck, the remote still had blood on it, and it’s already drawn fresh blood from me.

Also, the holes were drilled with absolutely zero precision. Trust me, I’ll put a lot more work into my actual build. Somehow, riding this thing is still fun - at least when it isn’t trying to kick me off. It corners pretty damn well, and I get a laugh out of the fact that it even exists. Is this a contender for the worst build on here?


(I’m in there.)


Dude, major props for sticking with the sport and getting back on a board after a crash like that.

Keep at it, keep building, practice makes perfect. We have all, at one point or another, bolted the parts from a shitty pre-built onto a new deck and thrashed it around for a while. It’s all part of the process :metal:


Cheers man, I’ve got the bug and it ain’t going away. Just gotta remember to invest heavily in safety equipment for my proper board…


That is one hell of a thread, lmfao


Definitely. For me:

  • Full face helmet (MTB helmet for the summer, motorcycle helmet for the winter)
  • Motorcycle jacket (with built in shoulder, elbow, back, and chest pads)
  • Motorcycle gloves (Knox Orsa MK3’s, the big brother to the flatland gloves basically)
  • Serious downhill kneepads
  • High-top skate shoes (you wouldn’t think so, but protecting your ankles from road-rash can be really important in some falls)

I used to wear less, but now I only ever ride fully suited up with all of this gear. Might seem like a lot, but I like living.


That’s pretty much the plan for me, although I’m hoping to find something more akin to a jumpsuit to make it easier to take off e.g. at work.

Which kneepads would you recommend?

I’m no duck, but tsg dhps look like the business.


Thank you. They’re out of stock. Also, I know you can’t put a price on safety, but is there anything that won’t break the bank?


I was going to invest in these, I haven’t got them yet but they look legit.


I use a pair of Demon knee pads that I bought second hand (though un-used) and I have not been able to find them on Demon’s website. I found some old links that no longer work, so I think they discontinued the ones I use.

Anyway, get something that has a lot of padding (for hard impacts) a hard shell (for sliding on pavement instead of grabbing the pavement) and really good straps or whatever (to keep it in place when you slam the full weight of a bipedal primate into them).

These have been very highly recommended to me by people who skate much harder than I do. Buy these.

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I was so happy with these that I bought the matching elbow guards:

SG$ 13.05 50%OFF | WOSAWE Adjustable Knee Protector Motorcycle Motocross Riding Cycling Skating Ski Knee Pads Kneepads Black Brace Support


If you arent sold completely on “pads”, check these out. Had them for almost two years and still going strong. Has hips and knee pads. Stock pads in them are par but you can also buy the better pads and install them.

I’ve fallen easy and hard in these and have yet to have any surface injuries due to road rash. They are a little pricey (I didnt think so) for some, but as it’s been said, you cant put a price on safety.


I actually have that exact pant for my motorcycle riding! It is indeed a great pant, but I’m looking for pads. Thanks for the suggestion though!

Now that I think about it, I’m totally gonna wear that pant when I ride in the winter!

Also, sorry for derailing this thread. Forgot it was about a DIY built.

No worries, this info is all useful to me for my proper next build :smiley:

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