The Kitchen Sink...EVO Falcon 40 | 4WD Maytech 6369 | TB110+TB218 | 3DServisas 36T | 12.5A Charger | 300A BMS | 12S7P 33Ah 21700

I started out trying to piece together a Loaded Vanguard with a pair of BKB 6355’s and now I’m here. I still have yet to ride an electric longboard but I’m going all out on my 4WD build. To get the front motors to fit I had to drill new holes and move the front trucks as far forward as I could. I’m currently pondering the battery build before I jump in and make some foolish mistakes. I’m hoping to get started on fabricating it in about a week when I’m back from holiday.

Landyachtz Evo 40 Falcon
Eboosted Enclosure:″-ds-v2-4wd-applications/
12S6P(7P?) Samsung 21700 48G 4.8Ah cells
Torqueboard 218 trucks
Torqueboard 110mm wheels
18T steel motor pulleys
3DServisas 36T pulleys
1" risers
Maytech 6369 200kv motors
Whooshboards motor mounts
Flipsky Dual FSESC6.6 Plus
Flipsky VX1 Remote
300A Bluetooth BMS
Mean Well HLG-600H-48A 600W charger

Still needed:
4X HTD 5M 280mm belts
1X Flipsky 6.6 plus
1X Can Bus Cable
1X Bluetooth module
XT90 Charging bulkhead
Caliber Baseplates
Riptide bushings


I wouldn’t use a 6P or 7P deep 48G cell on a 4WD board. That’s only 7.5A or 8.75A battery max per ESC. You want battery max around 20A - 30A.

To be clear, it will work fine but you’d have the same amount of power on a 2 wheel drive system at 15A to 17.5A battery max, and it won’t be much power compared to similar builds.

If you just set your ESCs to overdrain the cells then it will sag like a beast, severely reduce the battery life, and severely reduce the range.

Those cells aren’t high-drain cells.


So here is the thing on the cells. I own like 700X of them I got super cheap from my past work in automation machine design. I agree with you a high power cell would be an improvement in peak power output from this setup and I plan on building a new pack if this isn’t powerful enough. The interesting thing about these cells is they will still “pulse” for short durations at 20A with reasonable sag. I’m not going to be continously drawing 140A from the batteries on a skateboard. Full throttle or full power draw is going to happen in bursts. This is why I feel these cells will do a decent job for me as a starting point. For example these cells would be terrible for a high climb as the sustained power draw would quickly overheat the cells and sag would limit power severely.

Compared to the 18650 30Q these hold up pretty well at 15A continuous:

You can see here that the cells don’t really overheat if drawn at 20A for short duration with breaks. I think this will be typical of my use.

Sag gets pretty bad at over 20A, but Samsung does rate these up to 35A for 10 seconds.


Then why 4 motors? The BKBs will take all the amps that lack can suffer

Edit: also where was this topic 2 days ago? I was just looking for a pair of BKB 6354s

I’m still building out my Loaded Vanguard. Just waiting on my 2X Unity controllers to arrive( ordered in April, they are now saying July shipping hahaha). I think the BKB 6354s will work great on this build. Going to doing a 12S3P battery for it + a 60A BMS. Should be plenty of power for this flexy deck.

Lol nice, I was gonna get a pair for my 12s3p build too but they’re out of stock :sob:

Got something bigger instead :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Damn this thing is sexy. Any updates on this build? @BleepBlopBloop are you still waiting on your unities to ship!? :rofl:

You have a darkness within you, brother. I like it.


Haha. Noo. Don’t misunderstand my intentions. I was just trying to be cute :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: