The Hunstable Electric Turbine can produce up to three times the torque of any other motor

Saw that article in a news feed.
and maybe this will trickle down to our little PEV world!
" This produces unprecedented high torque and very high efficiencies at low RPMs."

Looks interesting. I dunno enough bout motors to see any errors in the wording. Any article that has a bunch of ass kissing in it, i tend to read with caution. But it seems cool if its not vaporware

What super cars do you think they referred to being in? They said in the next 2 years, and 4wd… maybe rivian?

They’re already fielding calls from @Chricious


It’s been posted for some time now right?

Basically a hybrid axial radial without axial laminations tho. Still 'interesting creature!

I think first articles appeared maybe a year ago, it’s only now that they have appeared a bit more in semi-mainstream press.
Unfortunately I don’t have the background to see if it’s vaporware or a valid design, but it sounds reasonably legit and interesting enough to me (a humble software engineer with a curious mind) to enthusiastically relay it here!

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Actually it should be working as promised or better than a classic motor! The radial walls are good, what’s left are the axial walls : they won’t work near as good as the radial ones without the lams but the magnets will still get triggered and also shield the flux.

So good post anyway! There’s something to be done here even for our tiny motors.

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