The Green One | 29.6" Powell-Peralta | TB110 | dual 6355 | Caliber 2 | 10S 14500mAh [serious]

with 10s battery?

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Seems about right. I did 38km on my 10s4p 30q pack and ended with 34v. At about 20ish km i was at 38.8v

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How tf do you guys get such good milage on such small packs? Do you remember the average wh/km(or mi) for that ride?

My average is 16 wh/km for a wHoPPinG tOtAL of 12 miles >:( (10s3p 30t)

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If i ride that pack with my mtb on pneummies i kill it in ~20km with 16wh/km usually.
The log above was on tb 110 single motor


Damn I get the same consumption on tb110s as you do on pneumies



Just rode for 2 hours and 9 minutes to my high cutoff of 36.0V

I think I went around 16.4 miles (26.4km) -ish. Big lazy ride around town at night celebrating the abolishment of the 9PM curfew. Stopped multiple times to chat to random folks.

Could probably have gone another 3 or 4 miles (5 - 6 km) at least in reduced power mode, probably more.



What I like most is that you have your personal style of Esk8.
This picture shows you re a true leader in Esk8 building, really weird somehow but real. Almost controvers against common Esk8 builders out there.
Keep that good stuff up :grinning:


Those may all look similar, but they are actually all pretty different.

Two are 42V li-ion, three are 43.8V LiFePO4
Two have 130mm wheels, three have 110mm wheels
One is dual drive, four are single drive
Three of the singles are single motor ESC and one is dual in Super Single configuration
Range is anywhere from 5.5Ah to 15Ah
Weight, they vary a LOT. The Blue One is the lightest by far.
Three of them are what I call my “V4” building style, one “V3” and one is still “V2”
edit 2022: The Green One is still V3, the rest are V4

Two of them are waterproofed and three of them are now only water resisted, but with world-class methods
I think only two of them have bluetooth, one of those is a metr
One has a rechargable li-ion mini remote, three have regular mini remotes, and one has a hybrid.
Four of them are RKP, one is TKP
All of them have different bushings
All five are different decks by three different manufacturers

Each time I service one, I upgrade it as well. I also put the most miles on the LiFePO4 boards because the li-ion batteries wear out too damn fast.

These may look similar but they are far from five copies of the same skate.


Reading this reminds me of a high school math problem without the actual question at the end :laughing:


Oh I can add that part LoL.

With no build thread, tell me all about The Black One.


Lol. Yep that works haha I’m definitely not going to give it a crack at this time of the night though haha


what are you using as the enclosure?
and why do you have two receivers, for redundancy?

aight a couple questions since im currently designing a commuter board too

why the remote?
why not save weight with hub motors?
why the extreme range of 47km for it?
those wheels look huge are they 100+mm?
you could also trim half the tail to reduce size


This is a battery box from Metroboard and a custom machined aluminum bracket



This is solidly the dumbest thing I’ve ever read in my life.

The long tail is literally what makes these boards awesome. A long, useful tail, not a shitty, short, half-assed trimmed tail that’s only present because it adds another marketing bullet point. Fuck that noise.

Also if you look at my footprints on this board and the Blue One …

… you can see that I ride with my back foot on the very end of the tail, and in fact hanging off the back.

Trimming the tail would be almost as silly as changing it to a hub motor.

Four (not three, and not two) high-quality real actual longboard wheels and a long tail are the defining characteristics that make these boards ride so awesome.


Wdym censored xd

idk the black one looks like it has smaller tail, and i dont think changing the back 2 wheels to hubs is gonna be such a massive difference in comfort when the board is 29 inches

I’d say on shortboards it’s where it matter the most. Your feet are just above the trucks, you feel every vibration since the deck don’t dampen anything, so you want as much thane as possible.