THE CYBOARD | Stainless Steel Unibody | Ubox | Modular 16s6p TM3 | BN-AT|

Rubber grommets would be ideal. Cheap, soft, low weight, and easy to install


You get these brackets from sendcutsend?

I’m looking to make a similar kinda bracket… just wanted ta know if it was practical to have a pair made. (U remember how much they cost btw?)


Yes. These (pair) were like $140 shipped. They weigh a lot too.


How’s progress man? This is a cool build, I’m excited to see where you take it

Progress is none. I have a project for a client that is late and I paused work on the Cyboard until it’s out of my shop. The next steps required are designing and printing the system that will hold the lid down firmly. I have some ideas but I need to put them down in CAD before I commit to anything. Motivation has also been at an all time low due to corona blues

To NYC and DC mostly lol


It’s out of my shop

Time to continue work.

First, let’s get rid of the heat marks from welding



Next, the lid attachment system that has been giving me so much stress. I finally decided on something with zero moving parts or exposed fasteners. To do this I glued a huge sheet of 1/8in thich neoprene foam to the underside of the lid. This stops all rattling sounds from steel-on-steel contact.

To hold this lid down using magnets is a bit of a challenge due to the fact that stainless steel isnt magnetic. I solved this by ordering some regualr steel lasercut from I cut sections out from the foam and JB welded it together.

Cutting and gluing and cutting and gluing and cutting and gluing. What a PITA but its well worth it. The lid passes the dairy queen flip test now.

It takes a lot of force to get this lid off, neodymium magnets are no joke. Remind me to take photos of how I JB welded them to the internal walls/frame of the board.

The friction + the steel frame digging into the foam means the lid will not be sliding around at all. I may add some foam to the steel on the inside of the chasis. We’ll see.

The chasis with the lid on is like 3x stiffer than without. I cannot twist the body anymore, something that concerned me a lot before.

The next step is lighting. The BN drivetrain is delayed for the moment but should be here within a month I’m hoping as thats the last part I need to finish this.

Video of me taking the lid off

How the fuck do I grip this deck??


may i ask wht wheels those are?
lovely design btw.


Qind 200x75mm

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The easy way would be the hex grip pads, but i vote for this:

It may be a pain in the ass with as far as you’ve come already, but in keeping with the metal cyborg murder machine theme, it lends itself really well to threaded studs

Question for you -
Are there any physical locating features for the lid? As in, does the lid just sit on top on your magnet tabs, or it is recessed beneath the lip of the chassis when installed?

I ask bc i wonder what happens when you take a super aggressive turn and those g forces are trying to rip your lid sideways


What made you go stainless vs a stronger alloy steel?

The corrosion resistance?


I love this board.
it looks so cool on the move.

I was stoked to watchthis.


i love how you can just see me and my board in the back of the b-roll shots lol


Love this build. Very inspiring



I still don’t see any grip!! Do you just wear non-slip shoes? On metal deck, my nonslips are enough grip 95% of the time, and I’m thinking foam grip is the way. Metal decks transfer vibrations to your feet very well, and I’d like to counteract that.

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Consider this a like a concept board that runs and all. When I’m not just taking photos I apply some clear grip.

One day I will think of a much better solution and I’m open to ideas.


Stippling! A huge pain to apply for such a large area but you’ll keep the pure steel aesthetic.

Or maybe some sort of steel mesh welded on top, that might be cool.

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Epoxy doesn’t stick to stainless :confused:


Makes sense, I suppose it’s in the name