1.3Kwh Boombox Speaker

For some reason my batteries are a hit in the Washington DC area. This is one of the most interesting builds to date.

A spare 12s6p P42A battery for a Lacroix. This is a hot swap situation, NOT a charge and ride. There is a single loop key that can go into either the board (in board power) or in the box (external power). Since there is only one key, the two batteries can never be connected in parallel. This reduces the chances of damage from a voltage difference. This route required two ports be added to the board.

The battery is your standard affair

For all the ports I ordered a laser cut plastic panel from sendcutsend.


Dope!! Do you ride with DCeSk8 much?


I’m gonna guess no because he’s in NJ.


I try to visit as much as possible! The community there is incredible. I always have a great time in DC


Lmk next time you’re in town! We should def ride together

This weekend. Check the DC telegram


That is some cool shit man! :loud_sound::loud_sound:

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Finally delivered to client :call_me_hand:


The box came back to the shop because someone sat on it and the epoxy failed. I made a laser cut aluminum version of the instrument panel that is bolted in place. I also completely redid all the electronics inside to:

  1. Make more room for storage
  2. Reduce idle drain
  3. Make it look less like a bomb/ piece of shit

The anti-spark inside is only for the accessories, the discharge for the board is bypassed of course since the board has its own anti-spark inside

Side effect of reorganizing the inside is that the box sounds a lot better than before


I’ll show myself out :basketball_woman:

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Can I see what it looks like on the Lacroix?

Photos should be linked above

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Yo talking about Boombox, I must say : has anyone tried the Sony SRS-XP500 ?

Because holy mother this thing blasts ! Given how big and heavy it is I fail to see how one should go about carrying it on a board, would do wonders strapped to an e-bike tho ! And this thing just never dies, battery lasts for hours and hours.

No issue with playing music all night long or even over all day ride.

I’m in love ! For reference (its the one on the left) :

On a comparison note I feel like it wipes the floor with my old Boombox, which was definitely a knack back in the days :