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It’s just black hot glue

That’s easy! Thanks!!

Looking for the right size shrink wrap for 5p groups?

H+W+10 is what ive been using to calculate from a graphic I saw… im in deep shit if thats not right haha…

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This is just a general question. Feel free to chime in.

If I make two batteries
10s6p and 12s5p
Both with the same capacity , would I get the same range ? Disregard motor kv’s etc

so, yeah. Your selection of different drivetrains for the different voltages will impact your overall range and efficiency, but the batteries themselves have the exact same capacities. If possible you’re going to want the 12s5p though.

Reason being ?
Less heat, less amps, less stress on electronics etc? I wouldn’t have thought I’d would’ve made a massive difference from 10-12?

that always helps, but from a layout perspective, the 12s setup is far more likely to be easier (depends on enclosure), and with the higher voltage setup, you can run the same motor, have a higher top speed, and just gear it down to have more overall torque with the same top speed, it’s just slightly more efficient way to get more apparent power

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I think i finally found a power supply that can provide enough amps for spot welding.


Speaking of spot welding…. My Lipo battery isn’t charging past storage voltage . It’s been used maybe 3 times to make packs with . Answers on a post card please :man_shrugging:t2:

This is mostly likely a problem with your charger, not the lipo itself.

Any recommendations for decent Lipo charges ? Ta

What you have looks good enough. Can you take a photo of the menu options you are selecting for charging? It looks like it’s stuck in balance / storage mode.

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Or for @Takachi14 next board

Charge, fast charge, balance, storage.
Tried it in all of them and still not going up past the storage voltage . I’ll discharge the battery again on the Maletrics and see if anything changes next time

When you select charge or fast charge, does it show you what the selected voltage threshold is for the charge cycle?


3s 11.1v output 12.6 input 12.3v . That’s all the info I have

Maybe we can take this chat to PM. There should be an option to select the voltage when you select charge. If not, it sounds like you probably need a new charger.

I usually use the balance charge mode on mine, works fine

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Styropyro has the craziest videos ever.