The Art of Carving

Hey guys, I figure I should share what I know about carving on this forum since I have received such great help from so many of you with my little problem.
Firstly a bit of background on myself.
I am a snowboarder, and I own my own 1 man snowboard company. I do everything from conceptualization of ideas that become board shapes which I then hand make in my small factory in Nagano Japan.

I spent this entire season focusing on carving and made a lot of progress. Anyway it turns out that snowboarding and longboarding have a LOT in common, all of the body positions I learned were effective on a snowboard are equally effective on a longboard.
So here goes, these are my basic concepts. they are facts to me and hopefully you will test them for yourself and they will become facts to you too.

  1. To prompt a heel turn, rotate the front knee out toward the nose of the board, to prompt a toe turn rotate it back in, note what effect this has on your upper body rotation.

  2. To middle a heel turn, after opening the knee, start to squat, or sit on the toilet. To middle a toe turn, after bringing the front knee in, push your hips forward into a soul arch position, google soul arch bottom turn if you dont know it already. These positions maximize down force to the board, providing maximum traction.

  3. To finish a heel turn, swing your back arm around to the front so that your upper body is rotated at 90 degrees to your normal riding position, it takes quite a lot of movement, I call this the eagle wing, you will see why when you feel it.
    To finish a toe turn, rotate the opposite way slightly, front hand to the rear, you dont need much here.

So with these concepts clear in your mind you can carve much more efficiently than before, give it a try.

This is a video I made for snowboarders about upper body rotation and stance angles but it works perfectly for big turns on a longboard.


So your a snowboarder eh?

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only in winter


I don’t like to carve. Makes me feel like the ass on a bike who blocks the road as he swerves around.
I just go vwoooooom

Would like to learn tho and work on my stability on a board, I like the tutorials you posted, as well as the tips :ok_hand:


I second this. A large amount of my muscle memory from salmon boarding comes into skating.

Another trick that’s useful is the concept of always being on edge. Especially at speed. This can really help reduce speed wobbles. And increase stability. Basically keeping very slight carves at all time. Very large radius turns just the right size to keep you in lane

@Saltyfingore are you a hardbooter? A fellow of the trench?


I’ll have the video a whole watch though when I get a moment.

Carving is IMO the first skill any rider should learn.

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I use softboots

Sorry Its just 1 video, I have sausage fingers so I double posted it lol

I like to snowboard as well

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sweet! I love carving… here is another video simply explained…
enertion sux but Moja RAWKS!


This is one of the boards I make




I was on the burton performing team for a year until this had to happen. First day of the season as well :slight_smile:


Ouch, Its always the first day

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I love your board by the way! Absolutely beautiful

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Thanks man.

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Of course

Out of curiosity, do any snowskate?

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I have a snowskate! I can do shovits and heel flips on it

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