Thank you Tsg Pass to save me from the Nano X

So I had a bad fall today on my way back from the grocery store, I got away with just a few road rashes on my knee, elbow and hip, no broken bones fortunately, but a really hard knock on the side of my TSG Pass so my head is healthy as a baby. I wonder is it still wearable.

I found the Enertion Nano X was acting up disconnecting just after it connected, connection was not very reliable, but I rode it anyways, my fault.

It seems on my way back the connection was lost for a second and came back right away, this caused the calibration to be lost and a minimum pull of the throttle caused it to full brake.

Since today I officially hate this kind of autoreseting systems which cause this really dangerous situation, I think there is one more remote that works like this not sure if it’s the Benchwheel or Maytech, they should all be forbidden from the esk8 market.


Just yesterday during the DC esk8 event crossing an intersection near the capitol ,my 2.4 nano remote caught crazy interference and my board rocketed out from under me at 20. I took a hard spill in gear. It seems the reason was jammers? Board slammed into a cars tire and damaged my new shredlight :sob:


No remote should cause reset in calibration when signal is lost. This is crazy, even if the connection is rock solid interference could cause disconnection, but it should not reset calibration because a minimum move of the throttle will make it go full throttle or full brake


Not the benchwheel remote. I have 2 and love them

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Its the 2.4 nano v2. It has the same internals as the nano x. Mine is in a printed nano w case. As far as I know the calibration only occurs when the remote itself is turned on or off, or loses power, not loss of connection to the receiver. I calibrate mine before I turn the board on.

Edit: PS. I hate this.

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What are remotes that are known and trusted? I’ve got a VX1, TB Nano, and Feather Nano on the way, and my friends have a DIYE and Winning…will any of us die?

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I still ride with the Nano-X… It’s a pain in the fucking ass. I’m trying to wait for the OSSR to be available. If anyone has one they want to part with, let me know, I’ll buy.

My remote normally does the disconnection thing very soon after first starting the board and remote, so I stand still for a bit holding the front wheels in place while spinning the wheels full throttle and full brake to make sure calibration is good to minimize disconnects while riding.

It’s scary riding and suddenly having no throttle or brake. What’s most scary is not not being able to stop or go, but knowing anything can happen a few seconds later.

Just the other day when my remote came back online with throttle in neutral position, the board just shot off forward full speed out of nowhere. Full break was full brake, anything else greater than full brake was full throttle, when normally neutral throttle is at least neutral and it’s just slow to a stop and recalibrate.

Many other times my remote will come back online and just go full brake at neutral throttle, and full throttle on the remote will be coasting.

Seriously, I never know what the fuck is going to happen with this remote. The safest thing I can do is fiddle as fast as possible to shut the damn remote off after it disconnects, otherwise it feels like I’m playing Russian roulette with my life in traffic.


Glad you’re ok. A great reminder to wear a helmet EVERY TIME you get on a board. Even for a store run a block away.

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The nano v2 I speek of is the same as the TB nano and I believe the DIYE is the same. I can’t speak for the others personally but the Vx1 seems to be pretty solid the feathers have had issues in the past don’t know now, and I wouldn’t use a winning with its past.

Yikes…good thing I won’t be going faster than 15 with jt

Mini remote ftw. Never issues


R.i.p home depot hardware and shredlight mount.


First time using my brand new nano-x. Worst remote ever.


What about physical design failures?

Mechanically stuck in full throttle :cry:


Use foot brake then. Noob. Lol


Glad your safe Alan! If you felt hard, the best thing to do is to invest in another helmet…Also I’ve being using the mini remote, never fail on me…

Espero te recuperes pronto, un gran abrazo…

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Chuck that evil little thing in the bin Alan. As previously stated its the nano v2 that requires binding and then calibration every time but I found the nano to be a better remote than the nano x. Maytech and benchwheel are both solid remotes with none of those issues but the benchwheel in its current iteration does have a pretty wide deadband on default. Easy fix though and very smooth and stable connection remote. Its the one I trust with my wifes safety.

I bought 2 Flipsky VX1. I refuse to go full throttle with these remotes again.

Nano V2 are also out of the options.

I also need to tell you guys, I’ve been runing them for 2 years with no issues

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Alan, I was running mine for a whole year without issues until one day it just shot my board across the street randomly, completely fucked that build. Good luck with your next remotes, and glad you are okay. I need to get a TSG pass helmet one day, i’ve been rolling with an old Pro-Tec half dome for years.

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I’m really glad I had the helmet on, I even use it on grocery shopping around the neighborhood. This kind of fall with head injuries when you do not wear helmets is the one that fucks your life forever, instead I’m having a nice Sunday with my family.