Testing out my custom mudguards on heavy rain!!!!!

Here is a quick test I ran yesterday to test the design and fucntionality of my custom mudguards(brackets and fenders) for the original Matrixx I. So far so good, they exceeded my expectations and they work!!!


Is there a thingiverse link? I need this for my board so bad


I am selling the STL, if interested DM bro! :v:

Those are going to break super easily, but they look nice!

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They won’t. They are designed to be used in daily commutes, big puddles and heavy rain. You take it the top part off when going off-road.

You want them when off roading, it keeps the debris out of your shoes

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Good point. I will test them on heavy offroad and upload a video of the performance.

I am sure they will perform quite well on this type of offroad (not that well on the i.e. type of bajaboard offroad).


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i need these for matrix 2s lol. only recommendation would be to remove that corner and make the whole piece flatter to prevent possible stress fractures over time :slight_smile:

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I can design those for you if you want. :fire::fire::fire:

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Bonjour tu fait toujours les garde-boue? Livre tu en France???
Hello do you still do mudguards? Do you deliver in France???

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