'TESLA' | Loaded vanguard | 10s2p | Dual 6355 | Unity

Quick little build thread because I’d finally consider this thing ‘done’.

This is my first build, I built it ~4 months ago. I’ve put 500 miles on it and killed 2 vescs since.

This was also my first esk8. I wanted to build something that felt like a loose snowboard on the street, so I closely based my design around the boosted v2.

This all started with a used boosted board v1 deck.

I went with a Meepo 40T battery because the 40T cells sag very little and the form factor is perfect for my board. I get about 9 miles before I start sagging bad. I was able to shoehorn this into a backfire enclosure (tight fit).

I started with a Flipsky dual 4.2 vesc. That imploded for no reason after 20 miles so I borrowed a friend’s dual 6.6 Flipsky. I killed that one by accident with water damage (whoops) so after that, I went for a Unity.

Motors are TorqueBoards 6355 x2. Held up by BKB mounts.

Here’s the complete parts list:

-Loaded Vanguard flex 3
-Blue caguamas dyed black
-Bones reds bearings
-Caliber 2 50deg trucks
-Meepo ER battery
-Flipsky antispark switch (redundant ATM with the unity’s)
-Backfire battery enclosure
-Focbox unity
-Eboosted fiberglass ESC case
-Mini remote
-Dual TorqueBoards 6355
-36T wheel pulley, 18T motor pulley, 260x12 htd5 belts
-And of course, the “Tesla” griptape. This was a figment of my imagination, “If Tesla built a board”. Had it custom printed.

I’ve had so much fun riding this thing. It feels like a snowboard on the street; the flexy deck and the playful trucks make it amazing.

I’ve GPS tracked it to 31mph in FOC but it ran a couple of MPH faster in BLDC. I’m stuck with FOC as long as I have this unity :(.

Future plans:

-I’m building a super fast board on a Hummie deck so I’ll be donating the unity from this build towards that. I’ll probably get dual 4.12 vescs so I can run BLDC again.

-Gonna gear this down to ~26MPH max and get softer bushings, run the trucks looser, etc. I’ll be able to have a “fast board” and a “fun board”.


Looks very clean, a relatively classic setup to be sure :smile:


Why can’t you run BLDC with the unity?


Sick board and nice baesk8 sticker :metal::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Unity tool doesn’t support BLDC, VESC firmware can’t be flashed to the unity. Atleast afaik; I don’t wanna risk it.

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do you still have the bosted controller and the parts that you havent used?

If you are interested in buying Boosted V1 parts I have a couple Boosted ESCs, ESC enclosures, a battery, motors and mounts, chargers and a remote.

@dog don’t you have a hard-on for boosted parts

Haha i love the Elon smoking a blunt sticker!

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Nice build! What enclosures are those? Selfmade? If so, do you have a file to 3d print those?

They are backfire enclosures it seems.