Temperature Sensor Retrofit

Hey I ruined the cable on my hub motor, it never came with a temperature sensor, so I ordered some.

How does the wiring typically go? +5V from the Hall board to 1 leg then the 2nd leg to white wire?

Seems this basic wiring guide is pretty elusive on the internet.

Noooo, one wire to ground, the other is the excitation or ‘positive’ which is the ‘temp’ wire.

Not sure what that white wire is, but it doesn’t look like the hall pcb has a spot for it. If it corresponds at the vesc end with the temp pin then yes.

Thermistors dont have polarity, so it doesn’t matter which way round

Lol K disaster averted thank you. Yes white wire going to ESC(Fardriver ND96800)

Yeah this hall board has no temp sensor i’m going to just glue it into the coils and wire it.

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Im not sure if there would have been disaster, but it wouldn’t have worked :grin:

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Of course the last screw was not going in had to take the stupid cover off retap and put a longer screw in FFS


okiedokes hopefully all good here