Temperature Alarms/Notifications

Alright guys. Is there a way to set up temperature alarms/phone notications for motors/batteries/ESC?

Metr has a lot of those but I’m not sure if they have those specific ones.

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@xsynatic u know?

doesnt the remote vibrate when you pump too much juice

Metr has it, yes.


I have a stormcore with built in Bluetooth

Metr has it but I’ve never owned a stormcore so idk what bluetooth options it has

Can’t think of any other way. Maybe Robogotchi could do it too

Robogotchi does indeed do it, but it can be quite difficult to hear the robogotchi bleeping at you while you are riding.

The freesk8 remotes will have the same audible alerts as well as haptic vibration.

Edit: not sure if Robo has an alert for battery temp, but i’m sure it will by the time the freesk8 bms is ready!


I’ll have to look into it. I have a xiangxiong BMS from Apex that has a temp sensor and an app where I can view the temperature.

I’m assuming I can see stormcore temperature and motor temperature ( 1 working hall sensor), in VESCtool android app.

The only issue is that I don’t know how to get the apps to send me temperature warnings. Seems like an option that would be available in the apps.