Tell me about your board

One of the reason’s I love DIY is just being able to see some of the stuff some people come up with. I understand there’s a pictures thread but I want more deets. Show me the best picture that you have of your board. List the specs, deck, battery, motors, trucks, ratio, wheels etc. Feel free to include any other specs I didn’t list. Maybe we keep this thread clear of responses and respond in another IDK. I’ll start I guess.

  • Deck: Landy Evo
  • Battery: 10S4P 30Q Charge only
  • Enclosure: Tiller, low pro I think
  • Motors: Dual 200KV Maytech 6374
  • Pulley Ratio: 16-36
  • ESC: Dual Focbox’s
  • Mounts: TB Fixed V5 forward mount
  • Trucks: TB 218’s
  • Wheels: Boa Constrictors
  • Remote: Hoyt Puck
  • Top Speed: a little over 30mph
  • Range: 15 miles

  • Deck: Hummie v1 single cut out
  • Battery: 10S5P 30Q Charge only
  • Enclosure: @BigBen single stack with wire channel
  • Motors: Dual 190KV Maytech 6374
  • Pulley Ratio: 14-36
  • ESC: Unity
  • Mounts: @Psychotiller tkp mounts
  • Trucks: 177 tkp surf rodz with 90mm axles
  • Wheels: 107 abecs
  • Remote: mini
  • Top Speed: 35ish
  • Range: 28ish (at a leisurely pace)

  • Deck: hummie
  • Battery: 12S4P 30Q Charge only
  • Enclosure: Tiller ( just got @BigBen enclosure)
  • Motors: 2x 6374 maytechs ( 6880 soon)
  • Pulley Ratio: 16-60
  • ESC: Dual Focbox’s
  • Mounts: psychotiller 88 quick mounts
  • Trucks: surfrodz 200mm rkp
  • Wheels: Haggy 145mm pneumatic
  • Remote: mini
  • Top Speed: haven’t tested with new wheels
  • Range: idk? Im always home before 50% battery

Don’t have much for pictures. Parts keep changing too lol.
Pulling it apart arm for a few things.
From before pneumatic went on. Abecs 107mm


Is this the same deck? Cause it looks totally different builds.

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Lol yep. I just keep changing wheels/motors/ and axle lengths.


SRB V2 “Ol Grumpy”
Wheel base: 42"
Deck width: 11"
Power: 12kw 16hp
Range: 1200wh 8s 30v 50mile range
Esc: Twin Castle Mamba Xl-x
Radio: Gt2b Flysky 2.4ghz
Top Speed Documented: 54mph (86.9kph)
Trucks: SRB nkp 3-link
Steering Damper:. CBR 1000 KYB ele.
Wheels: SRB Race Wheel
Bearings: 30X10x9 GMB
Motor: SSS 800kv 5694 Inrunner 6pole
Drive: mod1.5 11/62 (5.63:1) gear drive
Board: chromoly tube chassis and T-6 aluminum panels


Time to get some MTB love into here…

  • deck: trampa holy pro 16ply

  • battery: 2x 12s1p hobbyking heavy duty 60c 5Ah lipos

  • motor: 4x APS 6374 170kV custom battle harden

  • esc: 4x ESCape in dual heat sink, mounted in a costume 3D printed case

  • drive train: etoxx motor mounts, unik boards wheel sprockets, 9/42 iso 06b chain drive, 9“ MBS wheels

  • range: 15-17km

  • top speed: 60km/h

  • weight: 25kg

  • additionals: LED lights under the deck and dual front light, powered by separated powerbank with 5V and 12V output.
    MBS F5 bindings with heel straps.


Andy your board is a god damn tank. It’s not my style but it’s really impressive and looks like a load of fun.


Thx @Brenternet and yes it’s a lot of fun but also heavy as fuc*. Add the weight to my last post :sweat_smile:


  • Deck: BKB Tayto
  • Battery: 10S3P 30Q Charge only
  • Enclosure: Psychotiller Knuckles
  • Motors: Raptor 2 first editions
  • ESC: Dual Focbox’s
  • Trucks: Enertion Raptor 2’s
  • Wheels: Front are 90mm Popoca’s back are 90mm Enertion
  • Remote: Hoyt Puck
  • Top Speed: should be about 30 although it’s kinda scary going over 25 on a short board.
  • Range: 15 miles maybe more
  • Weight: exactly 20lbs on the dot, raptor hubs are heavy af.

This is quite a good topic… A kind reminder to all of those with patience, there is also this awesome site to add your build, for many to be seen later:


Dont have much pictures/data to show more but still riding my mountainboard with 9inch wheels, though dont really want to post it before Ive made some upgrades to it.


You have 40Ah of battery on that?

And Room for 1 more brick in the tank

Wow, I also forgot how much space your boards have…

If you don’t mind/already have the measuremeant how wide, long, and depth does your “enclosures” have?

@Brenternet i see you managed to fit 107s on psycho mounts and SR trucks. Do you have pictures or tips to fit these?

(100mm axles but there is no room left to actually screw them in. These are just seated to the thread in the pictures, not 1 full turn
Red wheels are with press fit. Black is with screw in pulleys)

That red push fit pulley is way too sticky out but I cant see an issue with the other one. I really didnt have trouble at all mounting and my axles are 90mm. I even had to spacer out the outside of the bolt because I bottomed out on thread.

Give us some more pics of the whole drivetrain?


Issue is with 107 abecs, bergs fit fine (is what i have now).
I can post pics in 30min