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Tech requests for Jeff from neoONE (Merged Topic)

Well, magnetic flux will definitely be stronger considering we can now get relatively closer to the stator, that i know.

However, how much more torque/ efficiency are we talking about in %'s? Is it worth the cost trade-off? I’m assuming curved magnets are more expensive ><. Is there a reason why this has not been explored before?

I’ll do some reading on this tomorrow, but in the mean time, if anyone has data/a paper to link me, that’ll be great.

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Effient still depend for many other factor. Copper thick and winding tight also important for this. Stator size is other important. Which all make it.


The larger the number of poles, the less sense it makes to go curved, that why you see some low pole count motor, specially inrunners doing curved magnets, the performance would suffer if the didn’t do that, but for larger number of poles, like most of the ones we use, the difference between air gap in the center vs edge of the magnet doesn’t differ too much


there is definetly a tradeoff. I think a certain gap is desired when designing a synchronous machine for esk8 use.

If I remember right motors which primarily serve as generators use a relative large airgap to minimize the drag:



I think you will gain more than you loose with curved magnets. The drag increase is not that big that you can’t cope it with the higher regen braking current.

The only trade off is price vs quality imo.

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@jeffwuneo can you make a centrifugal clutch drive system for us since you’re magic?

I’d settle for a variable gear box too.


I’d like to add 6-7 more projects on Jeff’s plate to slow down all this pesky progress.


We need him to make lithium cube cells that have 50A discharge and 10000mAh capacity after 3000 cycles too…same form factor as 18650 of course :joy:


Those solid state ones look promising. The race is on.

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Hummie should just give him the right to manufacture his hubs :wink:


Properly curved motor magnets are used in the world’s finest electric vehicles, yet this is only one component of several that makes up a precision-made electric motor:

The marketing copy on the Thrust 40 stretches a bit - don’t drink the RotorKool-Aid - yet it describes a precision-made motor that Neo can outperform.

I hardly think anyone here will make the case for lower precision, unless price is the guiding factor.

Our little alliance isn’t about building yet another “buy motor for $55, sell for $120” kind of business, because frankly speaking, there’s hundreds of posts on how well that business model has actually served our community (look past fanboy hype, resale value is crap). Fact.

Some of us hold the Hoyt motor in very high regard; personally speaking, I know we can do far better, for hubs, outrunner motors and axial drives.

Competition makes us all better, and the Freefolk win. Personally, I think this is worth investing into.


Not sure we want to do that to Jeff, as awesome as Hummie is in general.


AA form factor please :grin:


This is no priority Jeff but can you make any size motor in your factory?

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Already asked lol

He said he could make the 5570 I asked for, but there was a moq of 50

So I assume it’s a yes to the other sizes… Just the moq stands in our way :joy:


GB lol why 5570 instead of 6365 though? Surely those would come out to about the same weight and size?


55xx is just a nicer size, fitness-wise imo

Look at these two, they’re adorable :joy:

Fun fact: Boosted v1 motors were 5052 210kv


we just want to absorb all the bloody damn possiblites at our finger tips. Our Man In Shenzhen can litteraly make us anything so we are all just letting our ideas run loose unto this thread knowing it is not a priority. Sorry Jeff, we love you too much


Guys maybe we’re throwing a bit too much at him too fast. He’s already working at an extraordinary pace on the ESC’s, and the GB for the motors seems to be going great aswell. Let these conclude before we bombard him with more.


I agree but Most of us are just asking what is capable. None are asking him to make things now, we are simply inquiring