Teal Hoyt St DadBod one off

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The text

Deck enclosure: Hoyt skate UAV dad bod. I originally ordered a chocolate one but then decided to beg jj for teal!
Esc: stormcore 100d2 (may swap to maker x d100 for more amps.
Battery: 16s9p p42a by duck battery.
Hoyt st rosas with the longer axles and bent mounts
Savage tkp (soon with longer axles and mounts)
Planning on ordering or buying someone stooge nkp in 10mm to keep consistency.
Motors: powered by skp 6485 173kv
Remote: Hoyt puck in teal
Tires: skp 7in cst.

Goal for this board is swappable drivetrains.


I don’t think that battery is big enough!


16s9p. Shameful. :joy:


Little-known fact about the dadbod battery, we picked that configuration specifically so that it would say 69 in it. We are very serious and mature.


Also, just to try and get ahead of this one:

Dear future reader, NO you can not have a custom teal dadbod deck. Please do not ask.

Bao is the nicest guy in esk8. He is special. I’m sure you’re fine too, but you’re no Bao.


What if I offer to pay a lot of money for one :face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears:


Sexy AF and Thane … ROCK HARD right now

Whatever happend to the Ukraine board? I saw some photos for awhile. Did it get auctioned off?

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This is what I read


this deck matches with my bamboo puck!






Nice board🤙🏾 How’s Skyart tires holding up? I bought a set and waiting to put them on when my Kendas wear out.

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I’m like 3 sets into these cst. I’ve had a set of the lacroix branded ones for awhile. Between the 3 sets of ridden on they all were easier to get rolling. As in they rolled more true then like 3-4 kenda sets I’ve bought.

Yeah, some of the Kendas I have, wobble a little bit. I’ve tried weights etc…and can’t fix it, then some are money. After riding on the CST, do you think they’ll wear out faster or hold up longer?

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I think I’m not a good tire tester. I’ve not worn a set of tires down to wires before lol.

Based on what I’m seeing I’d say better than evolve, mbs and trampa treadz. They feel harder compound.

My first set is like 300-400 miles is my guess their on my kaly right now

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Thanks for the input

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I have never ridden the CST 8" but Ive got a decent amount of miles on the 7" skp tires which claim to be the same exact compound, the SKP grip is way better than Kendas but they are definitely not as durable, not by a ton but probably around 10% faster wearing they have a good amount of tread on them but it’s just a trade-off, Its one I am happy to make but if your goal is the most durable tire they probably arent the best choice, the BKB is by far the most durable tires I’ve ridden but I hate the way they act when pushed so it’s up to your goals. Its kinda hard to tell wear since I ride the SKPs way harder since they are so much more confidence-inspiring so I push them harder which could lead to the quicker wear

The reason I am willing to spend the money on them besides the grip is how incredibly smooth the skp 7" is, it shocked me, it felt like riding a one wheel, I’ve never felt an esk8 tire so soft and well-balanced.