TB6374, 6X2 wheels, TB218, CALLIBER II's, LY 40' [Leaving ESK8 clearance] [EU] [WTS]

Since I am in Uni I just don’t have the time I used to. Because of that I want to start finishing projects and not create new ones. These parts I have accumulated over the years. I really enjoyed building esk8’s but its time for something new. So I will be staying on the forum but I will fully focus on trying to build a Onewheel :slight_smile:. I will of course continue riding my esk8. Everything is excluding shipping and will be shipped from the Netherlands. Or can be picked up for my fellow dutchies.
All prices in EUR except when mentioned differently

PS if any of these prices are off please tell me thanks in advance.

Item 1
Description: Landyachtz 40’ longboard with kegels


Item 1a Landyachtz Switch 40’ 2019 version
Description: Honestly one of the best esk8 decks. Super stable at high speeds and the curved up corners make sure you won’t slide off your board. The drop down also helps a lot with foot placement so you will never have to look down if you are standing correctly.
Price (EU): 100 from (160)

Item 1b
Description:Calliber II trucks + wheels + Zealous ceramcics.
Price (USD): 80 from (64.57 for trucks+ 69,00 for wheels + 40 which totals too 173,57)

Item 2
Description: Full 6374 TB drivetrain with 6x2 tires


Item 2a
Description:TB218 trucks (with new pivot cups) with 63mm TB mounts V7 with a crossbar that’s 3D printed and 6x2 inch wheels
Price (USD): 160 from (65 USD for trucks + 13.95 for Pivot cups + New Venom 93A double Barrrel bushings 12.95 + 120 USD for Motor mounts + 109 USD for wheels and pulleys Totals to 265,04)

Item 2b
Description: 2x TB6374 motors
Price (USD): 80 each from (120 each)

Sites which I got my prices from:



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Open to offers on separate parts. Just place a bid, and we will figure it out!

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Heres a tip, atleast clean the parts before you try to sell them. Stuff does not look very appealing rn because of it.


Ah thats a good one. I will try to do that as soon as possible :slight_smile:

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Soo added some new pics to make it look a bit better. Just cleaned everything up in general.

Both 6374 motors for 160!

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Really nice deck also for sale separately! 100eur for a Landyachtz Switch 40’


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6x2 wheels are sold! Just shoot me a pm with your bid and we will work it out :slight_smile:

Still got those?
If so, please check shipping rate to Tahiti in French Polynesia postcode 98702. Or if it doesn’t work out for some reason I also have an address in Europe I could use.

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Yup still have them. I am guessing thr motors weigh about 1800g but could turn out to be 2kg+

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If you have time, could you check if it is under 2kg to ship? Did you get to use those motors much?

I am home tomorow so then I can check it for you. I saw on the torqueboards site thet weigh 0.87kg so it should be do able. But we will see.
I have used the motor on my street board with the 6x2 wheels. But not for that long. I got quite busy with uni so didnt make many mile on it. Guessing I used that setup arround 10-15 times. Before that I used one as a single drive. Then I upgraded to the 2 motors.

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I cant really remember how long I had the single drive so editted that out. Dont want to give you false information.

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No rush dude, take your time. By the way, the shipping you quoted is by regular postal service right? Just asking because if it transits by France, in will end up on a slow boat according to our local post office because of really limited flights.

That looks like as good as i could hope from second hand motors👍

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Yup its regular postal service. It taked from 7 to 15 workdays to arrive it says. I think thats the quickest time from the netherlands to you.

If the package ends up to be under 2kg where would you like me to ship it too?

Kegels sold!