TB40 Build for sale, [US]

Up for sale is my beautiful Torque boards build $1200.00 and if you buy it at asking price, all these goodies for you including 2 1.6 focboxes. Price is without shipping or fees. Pickup available San Diego 92127


-12s4p 30q 7 cycles.
-Tb110 72a
-Dual 4.12
-Tb40 deck and enclosure
-BN 220 hangers
-Dual Tb 6374’s
-Tb mounts


Are those motors still concentric?

Mounts are slightly bent for some odd reason but the fitment is nearly perfect. I have extra mounts for it as well thrown in but not with me at the moment.

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Call it spring tensioning and say it’s a feature :grin:


Bump 1050 with no focboxes