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TB Motor Clicking Noise

Hey guys,

I have a TB 6355 motor on my build that has recently been making a weird clicking noise. Noticed that the silver ring that sits in between the magnets came loose so I put it back in. The sound got better and then worse and then better after fiddling with it. Any idea what the issue can be?

Thanks in advance

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This looks like an older motor? You just need to re-seat the retainer ring with epoxy.

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The retainer ring? That silver thing? And is that causing the clicking noise?

look in the motor… that silver thing is the magnet retainer/spacer ring… if you see scuff marks in the motor those will/might be the source of your problem or lead you to it… if the retainer ring let go… the magnets may be loose as well…


It could be the retainer ring but it could also be a magnet as @kook mentioned.

You’ll have to chase the sound and find out where it’s coming from.


Chase itttt :doughnut::volcano::eyes::cookie:


Alrighty, will give a couple things a try

Thanks guys


If’n you can’t manage it… maybe make the motor into a maraca?


Ohhhhh yeahh

I have one motor, that makes the clicky-clicky (Not @torqueboards) I’ve had that motor apart so many time it knows the drill and almost takes itself apart on command… can’t figger it out… I decided to run it till it fails, it will end my suspense…

not recommended for the faint of heart