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TB 6380 170KV discontinued?

This runs contrary to everything I have read on this forum.
What is the meaning of this?

So where am I supposed to get a motor like this from now. Are there any other suppliers?
Why is all the stuff I want from torqueboards consistently out of stock with no ETA on any of their products. Just some coming soon bs.


Cool battery build.

(fixed so joke doesn’t work anymore)

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:(… cheers

The 170Kv version was discontinued, the new ones are 190Kv.


truth :point_up:

I’m pretty sure this has been unavailable for quite some time now

You could try 170kv of flipsky’s bh 6384

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I have two 6380 TB 170 kv motors but used, and I remember there’s a couple motor mounting threads that were stripped and just need to be tapped for the next size up (M5 I believe)

All things considered I’ve heard more good things about FS-Motors than anything else they sell. The other option if you want an American distributor is to wait till @Boardnamics has his motors in stock since he’ll have several KV offerings. But thats a late April affair and while I’ve got no reason to believe that BD would have poor motors, I dont think they’ve been vetted much by the community.

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@Dbell If you get Flipsky motors, make sure that they’re the smooth Can version and not the one with ridges.

↓ No

↓ Yes

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I didn’t see any 170Kv options from Flipsky. They may have discontinued as well?

Wow, yeah surprised they dont have them tbh. I’d consider selling my TB170s in lieu of 140s if I increased my S count by 1 2 but alas Im not prepared for that even in the slightest sense. (ESC, BMS, Compression Packs, Enough Cells, Etc)

May just have to wait for BD to have his in stock or maybe look at APS?

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I haven’t looked but I know kevin is ordering 170kv ones

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Thank you mate. I did get the smooth ones. Hell I wouldn’t know the difference before buying. Sounds like a decent buyer beware.

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I’ve got two on order and they said they were waiting for them to come in just last week.

Maybe this is their last shipment ? @torqueboards

Wow, thats quite counter to what has been mentioned above recently