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TB 218s. Going from Dickyho to Boardnamics Mounts

boardnamics mounts are rock solid! You wont have any trouble with them!
that matte black looks killer :drooling_face:

edit - I haven’t bothered with loctite, but the extra assurance is always good


Yep the dickys on calibers are harder to lock the angle without modifing the insert, i also ditched his bracing in favor of lighter neater threaded m4 rod and anodised drink straws stainless steel. Black or matching blue you can fit 3


You don’t need loctite on nyloc nuts or wood screws. Just on everything else, except the radio transmitter.


youp fucking hate setscrews!
especially back in the days when you didn’t know any better and used cheese grade allan keys and with tiny parmesan grade setscrews.
Wera hex L-key is a must if you must use some hex style junk.
But ideally you wanna go with torx and 12.9 steel and up the setscrew size + loctite ofc.
I wonder if you could use 648 loctite between the motor mount and the caliber insert thing och dickys caliber mount. or it might be better to go for some thinner loctite “retaining compound” as you are squeezing he shit out of the gap between the insert caliber insert motor mount with the large motor mount screw.


Damn. Clever idea to use straws. I did another set up recently with the threaded rod because the motor was hitting his bar mounts.

What deck is that? Looks solid, and the BN mounts are dope

looks good but from the pictures it looks relly low to the ground like 1-2 CM. u must have good roads in ur town. and the profil of the deck looks amazing what model is that?

This thing is a giant. I freaking love it.


Yeah dude I’m really lucky here in my little college town in the Midwest. Lots of good roads I can cruise on on boards with almost no clearance. This deck is a monster. I freaking love it.

That’s dope, what a beast

Yep. I’m six foot and after riding the DB Paradigm which is 41 inches I realized I liked really long standing platforms. So comfortable for long rides. So I got the Rayne and loved it so much I freaking bought a second one…


Yeah I really love having a wide stance, my main board is an Atom, similar shape to boosted but with a nice deck width. It is pretty decent but I like it because I can scoot my legs apart as far as I want.

And you are using a Psycho enclosure, correct?


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Do know how big the bottom of that deck is, how big of an enclosure it can fit?

27.5 x10. I think a 9 inch wide could probably go up to 28 inches… I just had a hard time with the measuring tape photos…

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Thank you, that is helpful :slight_smile:

Working on a big battery?

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Ha, not for this board :smiley:

wow, that looks freakin crazy!
also have a rayne demonseed and was thinking of making it electric
got any other pictures?

I love the demonseed so much I got 2… I don’t have separate build threads on them though… They are hidden somewhere in my journal.My Esk8s. A journal of sorts