Taking out the bearings without killing them, how ?

Just got these sweethearts (115 onsra), they came with bearings in them:

Trying to take the bearings out (using a truck didn’t work), they are pushed in really hard.
Any idea of how to take’em out without hurting them ?


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Damn they look horrible :nauseated_face:

How exactly did you use the truck? Best way for me is to have only one bearing on the axle and lever the wheel from side to side and rotate and repeat.

They do look horrible ! I hope they ride better than they look.
I did the same as u suggested, they won’t move a bit :frowning:

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:man_shrugging: wd40?

Trying all kind of shit … maybe …

I would just cut off the wheel from the bearing.
Nothing lost there.


Get any rod close to or under 8mm thick, hold the wheel down and pull the bearing out. It should nudge at least from one corner with a decent pop sound and then get out easier

Took one out using a screw driver, hit the bearing but fixed it manually (not too bad).
Look on the core, it’s metal … that’s the reason probably:

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Ouch… well i hope you don’t plan on reusing those bearings. And save the spacers. They may be non-standard size

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Instead of using leverage get something thinner than the axle, go past the first bearing and the spacer and position the Rod or whatever on the inner part of the bearing and push.

Edit: you did it already gg


They are standard, but yes, probably i’ll put them like for spare ones or so :slight_smile:

So why did you need to get the bearings out in the first place?

I’ve seen issues with those alloy cores not holding standard sized bearings properly…

They shouldn’t come pre-installed anyway

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I need to change the bearings to other ID for another truck non 8mm.

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That’s right.

Correction: NO WHEELS should have bearings pre-installed, no matter what. if its a special size bearing, include them in the damn box, but never installed

That’s true, very unprofessional and unclear.

It depends on the fit… sometimes it makes sense to