Taking Apart Motors - HELP

So I’ve got something making weird noises inside the motor. How do I remove this gear and get in to check things out? I need to see inside the motors

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There should be a grub screw holding the pulley to the motor axle, try to remove the grub screw first, and then pull it out. Looking how dirty it is, it might be hard to get it out.

I that a Kaly drive?
I don’t know if Ernesto uses retaining compound but you definitely need to remove the retaining ring and then the grub screw(s) if any.

This is the noise from inside the motor

Where would the retaining ring be? This is my first time taking these apart.

The circlip shown here


Yes I’m the Kaly drive

And what tool should I use pliers?

Does it pull out or do I have to unfasten it?

Something like that

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You can use a small flat bladed screwdriver and twist and stop at the widest point. You just need to open it a tiny bit so you can move it out of the groove. Take photos and pay attention of where the spacers and ball races go. Sounds like you might have magnets moving?


Thank you Taz!

Thank you sir! Stay tuned. It does sound like a loose magnet. Good ears!

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Looks about time for a little clean in there!
If it’s caught in time you would just be able to battle harden the cans.

Would this work?

Rick! U can go to a autozone or pep boys and they will let u use there tool to remove the circlip. Don’t mess it up the circlip! That’s definitely a loose motor magnet.

If you had 2?

I’ll check. Also that’s not dirt it’s a shit load of grease in there. FYI lol when you mentioned cleaning.

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Be careful when removing the circlip if you plan on using it again. Bend it slightly too far and it’ll be permanently out of place

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Thanks! I just had Ernesto send me new ones