Sweet parts build

This evolved from a shortboard into this. The frame is a Zealot S esc, remote, forged trucks, and thats where it stops. The deck is a Db 39" Wanderer, 12s2p battery, Boa constrictor 100mm 83a hemotox wheels, and Onsra ceramic bearings.

The trucks I added Riptide pivot cups. 93/95 in the front and 95/96 Venom/Riptides. I added Alley cuped bottom washers and Atlas precision top washers. Toping the wheels and trucks off with Acer titanium nuts. Also using Radium antisink washers and premium bumper guards.

The board came out really comfortable and the deck locks in your feet. Plenty of acceleration and torque for me while the precision trucks handle really stable.

I just put in my Pre-order for Momentum Hollow Wheel Comforts with the adjustable suspension inserts!! They ship late January but cannot wait to try them out on this board.

Thanks for checking it out!


Looks good dude, nice job. Didn’t end up using that newbee foot stop?

Hey I appreciate the feedback! The decks W puts the footstop in a weird position when mounted. I couldnt find good placement for it. At the moment the shape feels great without one for now…

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Dang this is super clean dude!


Wow, someone else using the green Boas! Nice!


I love my boas too! These 83a are a little bit hard, but they ride great and hug the asphalt. I love a good set of thanes but I’ve been trying to find the closest blend of street and AT wheel. After much research, I ended up settling on the Hollow wheel comforts with the adjustable insert by Momentum. They dont ship until late January, but I will be very interested to see how they compare with the boas in overall ride feel/range/ etc.

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I gave my spare board with HW pro’s to a buddy and have heard nothing but good things about the wheels. They ride smooth, Insanely grippy and much more comfortable than normal thane. He wants a set of his own now!

Hi, could you mesure some things on the board for me? I’m looking to get it.