Suspension Trucks/Axles on Skateboard?

On Aliexpress I saw these suspension axles for skateboards:

It also looks like some guy had some success using this suspension on a Ranger:

Does anyone have any experience with this? It seems like the only easy way to get a motor on is by using hub motors - doesn’t really look like you can attach a motor mount easily. Thoughts?


I really want to use these with at hubs.

Yeah there’s some discussion about this and other similar stuff if you look around a bit for it. One of the main people in those discussions is @Fosterqc. Some of the terms to search are suspension boards/trucks or like wacky steering trucks or funny steering trucks, somin like that? Idrk it’s early and I’m not awake but I’ve definitely seen that here before.

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That looks ridiculously unstable the way it clamps to a round hanger. You are being supported by… a grub screw in a friction configuration. What stops the whole suspension assembly from simply rotating on the hanger and dropping the hanger to the ground?

Hard pass.


I agree hard pass for now, but I’m sure something can be modified to clamp to square-ish hangar profiles.

The fact that it needs to be modified before I’d even consider trying it makes me raise an eyebrow, like what other questionable engineering decisions were made that we’re not seeing?

The use of pure unrefined chineseum


Yeah, that’s one of things I’d worry about.

Cheese metal.

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