SURFRODZ RKP baseplates 25e/pcss

Red and blue are 35 degrees, the black one is 45 degrees, 25 euros for one, or 60 euros for the 3. Based in EU

Will sell all 3 for 50.

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Do you need any enclosures? I could probably use these.

I fortunately have one of yours :smiley: as for enclosures I am in need for one for my cruiser, but it’s way to custom to do in your fancy ways I think, my idea was to go ahead with 3mm abs as usual and elbow grease it with hot fan.

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Hey mate. Could be Interested in the 35d blue one. What’d be cost with shipping to Christchurch 8024, New Zealand. Not in a rush. Cheers,

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I ended up buying these. They’re sat in the cupboard and probably won’t end up using them.
I’ll check postage for you.


Cool. Depending on cost, I have a mail forwarding address in the UK which might be a cheaper option? It’s Southall, Middlesex, UB2 5ND. Cheers. Can PM details if seems better