Surf Rodz RKP motor mounts?

I have a psychotiller and the motor mounts will not stop coming loose.

Dave doesn’t have any mounts and he won’t be making any more. Does anyone else make mounts for these things?

I’ve literally quit esk8 because this has been so frustrating. I regret my purchase so much.

I’m in the process of JB welding these fucked parts together and my pissed off level has surpassed the point of containment. Fuck this thing.

I’m probably going to end up buying different trucks. Maybe calibers. Lots of mounts out for those.


the work with SR Hex stuff @Boardnamics or @Janux-esk8 maybe?

I believe @Agressivstreetlamp is selling some Janux ones


I just noticed that! Dave actually told me those mounts suck but they have holes instead of slots for the screws. Looks like it would solve the issue.

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I ride these like I hate them and they never make a sound! All I can hear on shitty roads is the sound of my wheels. Love them!

Edit: @Janux-esk8 enclosed belt drives


I really like the look of these. Dave told me they were shitty.

Think I may try some!

If you get the spacing wrong you end up with this:

So just don’t fuck up the spacing. And if you do, Janux responds faster than my best friend does and ships same day.


Yup Janux mounts but Lr design pressfit “clamps”

@pookybear or @LR-designs can explain but I believe the express purpose.of the pressfits is to stop the “coming loose” thing

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Yep I’ve got idler and non idler for flexl

The custom sharkhead mounts @akhlut made for me came with a hex head screw and locknut instead of a grub screw. I threw a lock washer under the lock nut for extra hold. I have put a few hundred miles on this build with no slips yet. Clever alternative.

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I thought the psycotiller mounts are are press fit too so should not come loose on the truck, or do you mean the connection from the motor plate to the truck mount is coming loose?

If you can DIY some cross braces, this is the best way to stop bolts coming loose. Without cross braces, the motor torque very slightly flexes the motor plate left and right on hard acceleration or braking. This tiny flex overtime make bolts come loose.

The ones I’m selling have crossbars custom made by Janux. Just sayin

What the hell happened ?? Is that a steel pulley ?!

Plastic. I flew down Broadway at 30mph not knowing the pulley was rubbing against a bolt due to a missing spacer.

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I’m talking about the motor arm coming loose!

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I don’t have hexls and Dave doesn’t either!

I have no idea why I thought this thread was for hex trucks. I need to sleep. Carry on…

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I was looking at your mounts and thinking of new trucks!

I’m not against that idea :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Boardnamics you need to offer some SR RKP clamps!

Ben, like everyone else I suggest Janux mounts for your situation. I toured his workshop while on my trip in LA a while back and it’s good stuff.

Got to ride with you again sometime fellow limb loser.