Surf rod trucks

Hi guys,

I am looking for surf rod tkp trucks but no one is responding via the website.

Any advice where I can get some?

Where are you located?

They suck as responding. Maybe it’s time to look I to @Psychotiller 's HeXL trucks?


I’m in England

Sickboards still have them maybe?

*or go with psychotiller tkp

*or find someone in the states to order for you, then ship them over

They are really hard to get ahold of @Thesandman

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I tried sickboards but they are sold out

Even if you get ahold of them, they will ghost you after a few messages and you’ll never complete the order anyway. It’s crazy…


Why bother advertising them?

You can order them shipped to me and I’ll reship then to you. PM me if your interested.

heXLs would be a better solution though.


Are the hexl 10mm or 8mm? And what length are they?

What do you mean?

8mm. Think he has different length hangers

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What’s the longest length of the hangers? I want to make sure I don’t get wheel bite

I think you gotta message @Psychotiller about that. They are longer than surfrodz.
He’s been a bit busy lately tho.
Might be slow to respond.

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They have an 8 mm axle and are available in 240 mm and 260 mm.


I have some reddish ones that say Sender Skates. 200mm hangers.

I have a package going to the UK here shortly I could toss them in if you want.

But I agree, psychotiller trucks are nice. 8mm axle. They aren’t extended axles, so be aware of that. Hard to run bearings in the pullies because of this.

But, defending on your set up, it may not matter at all.


I thought you were looking for rkps.

Get Dave’s.

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Yeah their email support is ass. Took them about a week to respond via email about stock. They flat out ignored my question about engraving completely and only emailed me to tell me what I wanted was out of stock, then sent me not what I wanted when asked if I wanted to switch. They had a pricing error and I got them cheaper than listed with the extended axles so it’s w.e :man_shrugging:

I have a set of these if anybody is interested. Only used for reference when designing mounts for them. Black and gold:

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He’s looking for tkp not rkp

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I got a free adjustable baseplate out of them because of thier poor communication lol

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