Sur Ron Ebike mods

Hey guys, I just got a Sur Ron and I have to say, these things are actually pretty legit!
I got mine used with 13 miles on it.
Upgrayyyds: Fox 40 forks, Fox x2 air rear shock
Primary drive chain conversion, shinko 241s, diety riser bars, Candy direct mount stem, Cane creek headset, gritshift duster light kill switch, headlights, brake lights, turn signals, speedo relocator, Shimano pads,

I know some of you eskate guys also ride these, let’s see your RONS!


Great looking bike!

I keep thinking about getting one, but not being able to drag it up to a walk up apartment stops me.

Anyway, I have a couple of questions: do you know approximately how much it weighs? How’s the seat for longer rides?

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Really love these mods!! I’ve heard so many good things about fox 40s, but can’t justify the 2000 hahaha.


@goodmove it weighs about 110lbs and the seat isn’t bad at all. There are also companies that sell really nice upgraded seats. The longest ride I’ve done is only about 15 miles. I just got it
@Taraskasyanyuk the fox 40s and x2 air are really nice!!! I finally got a shock pump and set up the suspension for my weight, complete game changer!


I bet! Definitely better than stock haha.

I have the shinkos, really nice and stable.

Sur Ron was my best purchase ever :shushing_face:


Thanks! Do you know how much of that is from the battery? Is it easily removable?

OK let’s see.
Marzocchi Bomber 58
Fox DHX2 with 500lb spring
Peg brace
“Sump” guard
Tail tidy
56T rear sprocket
75mm rise handlebar
Hand guards
Dunlop MX33 tyres
Shimano metallic pads

I think this covers it.
I have done a little over 2000km so far on it.
Still have not decided on a controller and battery solution.

The fork protection was decided after this

So I got some 50mm pvc pipe and made this


and fitted


@goodmove yes the battery is removable, it’s probably 40ish lbs. I can weigh it this eve when I get home

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I built a custom subframe for stunting on my Ron, really happy with how it turned out! I added passenger pegs when they arrived