Sunkko 788H Spot Welder

Subject: [US-NorCal]

Sunkko Spot Welder
Description: Lightly used - comes with spare fuses, probes, and foot pedal. ~$200 new.
Price (USD):$100



Sure seems like a good thing to donate to the club.


The club will get to use my maletrics welder.

But donate this one and sell to fund the club.

Let me know the club name or the high school name. I’ll send the check myself.


can this model consistently weld .2 nickel on 110v circuits?

That is something you’ll have to do research on. It could consistently weld .15mm nickel though.

Yeah guess it was a trick question in a way… I got one that don’t, kinda jus wondering if you got one of the ones that do. apparently it’s a crap chute.

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Ah, gotcha. Idk, I never tried .2mm on this welder.

i mean

i know the school :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Sold. Please close @xsynatic

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