Sunkko 709AD vs Malectrics

Right now I have one of these generic sunkko welders from Banggood. It works alright, but my main gripe with it is that it is stationary. Meaning the welding probes are on the machine itself and not a pen. This makes the welding process overall a bit harder, so I was thinking about upgrading to a new one that has a welding pen.

The two alternatives for me are the Sunkko 709:

And the malectrics arduino spot welder:

Both cost the same to me, as I also have to buy a lipo battery and charger for the arduino welder.

Which one would you go for and why?

I can think of advantages of both:


  • Does not need to be charged
  • More simple one-handed operation than the malectrics


  • Portable

where you want to travel with your welder? :sweat_smile:

I have the malectric and quite happy with it. besides that from time to time there is one weld stronger than the others. Didn´t found out why that happened, so might be only user error.

With the sunkko i would read a bit. I don´t have one, so I can´t give an feedback on it, just heard that with probes attached the welds get weaker even with max settings.

What I meant by portable is that I can bring it out and then stash it away pretty easily. It is pretty nimble compared to the giant sunkko.

no experience with the sunkko but have been very happy with my malectrics.


Same. Absolutely love my malectrics. I have over 10,000 welds on that bad boy.

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You never know! Had a buddy who’s battery had a failure with nickel strip. Threw my maletrics in the truck and drove out to the city to make some repairs. Portable is good

my malectrics has traveled by post around the UK , not sure a Sunkko would be so cheap to post about the place.


Your welder has been on the train with me a couple times too. Its good :rofl:

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I have the sunko 709ad+ (green paint on the front), it’s pretty nice and hasn’t given me issues like every other sunkko welder I’ve tried. If I were you I would avoid the pen, it starts to give uneven welds as the wires get hot from welding. It also takes almost twice the juice to get the same weld from a pen as the probes on the machine. And you machine will overheat because of the bumped up settings.

Another thing to be aware of is that the two times the first welder I got from them was DOA, they gave me a new one for free and didnt make me pay return shipping.

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Another brand to look at that lots of DIY Powerwall builders swear by.
Something to consider.


May i ask which settings you use with your malectrics welder?
Im up to 33ms to weld 0.2 nickel and im using a lipo with 60a continuous discharge and 100 peak
Does the time with 33ms seem correct to you?
Kr and thx very much

Thats about where I’m at for good welds on 0.2 with my Malectric, couldn’t get solid welds with the lipo I started with but a car battery with 4ga hookups has been excellent.

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Ok thx very much for the info!!

That reads like you use a very low discharge lipo, but if it works for you than it’s ok.
I can’t recommend any settings as I don’t know how good your lipo works.
If the welds are not burned, but still a bit of the nickel sticks on the cell if you pull it off with pliers, than you know your settings are right.
Always good to have some test cells to check that before you start welding your pack.