Sudden hard stop

Any recommendations on why this might be happening. I’ve been thrown twice. Different vescs and remotes. I recently tried switching motors to. Could vibration be damaging receiver?

Going to need more info. Could be anything from a misconfigured VESC, to shorts in the phase wires, or discharge BMS, anything really.

Firmware version?

@b264 it’s that threshold again I bet ya
Forgot the name

I’ve posted this a couple times before but a phase wire issue can give erratic braking behavior. I cut across a field and apparently caught a phase wire. When I touched the brakes back on pavement it tossed me. Did it again 20 feet later.

Opposite can happen too. Another board has a phase wire break at the solder joint. It would intermittently go full throttle when using throttle. But full throttle was far beyond anything I had seen before. It was enough to make the berg tire look like a top fuel dragster doing a burnout. It was wild.


When this happens the VESC should throw a fault code. A METR or the VESC tool with a cheap NRF module will show that when it happens.

From there you can research the specific fault code and adjust your settings to fix that.

If there are no fault codes then it’s probably your remote, receiver, fail safe, or connection to the receiver.

What are your VESC settings? What motor? What battery pack?

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Duty cycle limit ?


Please share pictures of your board + info on what parts you’re using.
And yes, making sure your duty cycle limit settings are sane.

Bad solder jobs are the source of 95% of diy problems in my experience.


Couldn’t agree more. Soldering take some practice for sure


OP, if you dont have either of these, try to recreate the sudden stop (safely) and then without turning the board off plug it into your PC, run vesc tool command prompt and use the “print faults” command shortcut

tell us what you get back.

also, describe your entire setup :slight_smile:


Post a photo of the underside of the board

Post a screenshot of the settings page with “Duty Cycle Current Limit Start” on it (motor > advanced)

Buy this if you’re in the USA and have an unoccupied UART port

Are you using PWM (“PPM”)? Sometimes if there is a loose connection on the white (signal) wire but the red (+5V) and black (gnd) wires are still intact, it can give surprisingly weird and hard to diagnose intermittant problems.

Is this problem intermittant or can you reproduce it on-demand?