Sublime skateboard on ebay

This looks like a really cool and unique loooongboard deck. And it’s got Sublime history. Someone buy it and build it. Quick! Ends soon.


This screams scam city to me but I’m too lazy to do any research on the legitimacy of the story :joy::joy:

That’d be cool to electrify :sunglasses:

Who bought it?

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Not I.​

I don’t know who bought it, but I don’t think it was a scam. Seller is named sublimegman with 100% feedback and 2000+ transactions, and he’s got photos of himself in the listing with the board. If I didn’t have way too many other unfinished builds, I’d have probably bought it, and put Hummie hubs on it to keep a low profile with minimal risers and no wheel bite. But at the same time, I wouldn’t want to mess up the deck especially if the history behind it is true, so catch 22. It does make me want to revisit the idea of electrifying an old snowboard, just for the hell of it. This old Sims Shaun Palmer Cadillac to be exact.

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