Stripped pinion gear set screw

Does anyone have any suggestions how to get a stripped set screw out of a pinion gear?

The gear is attached to the motor,

motor mounts attached to 3-link trucks

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I’m sure someone will suggest something better, but I’ve had this kind of thing happen to me a few times and usually have resorted to just drilling out the set screw. It’s always a huge pita but good cutting oil+cobalt drills help.

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A gear puller would probably be able to pull the gear off, even though it’s held on by the set screw. So you might not have to drill it out

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Drill bits that cut counterclockwise (anticlockwise) have worked for me in the past. Either it slips loose, or you just keep drilling until it’s gone.

Also works for stripped Carbon GT deck lid bolts


Heat it up with a blowtorch and then use the gear puller mentioned above. I wouldn’t try without the heat.

Like Brian said, I’d get a sacrificial drillbit, in the left-hand-cut variety in order to get the best results

Or gear puller plus blowtorch could be good

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I have had similar issues with stuck and stripped screws in my motors, and I ended up using a a screw extractor successfully twice, then ended up needing to just drill one out after the extractor failed past the point of being usable on that screw.

I find it easier to buy an extractor in person so you can visibly see if the size is right as most of them are too large. Although if you know the exact size of that stuck screw then buying online is fine.

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