Street racer build thread

Street racer build thread.

I want to contribute with this build thread. It’s something that I have wanted to do for quit some time now.

It will be a slow build but feels good to have started it. Idea is to make a relatively light weight street racer.

I am returning to the only esc solution I have not yet had any problems with. The Mambas have been hazel free, extremely reliable and easy to change parameters on. But this time I want to see if they can be used properly with a lion battery solution.

The mambas need amps to function as we want them to functions so it will be interesting to see if what I am throwing at them here will be sufficient.

The constrain I have given my self, is that the battery can only be single stack. I want a slim look. And a single stack solution will also keep the weight down.

First thing I will consider is wether or not to add an extra cell to make it 11p. The room is there, but I dont know if I want to spend the extra money on cells, and if 10p can deliver enough amps I think I will stick to 10P. That will also make the enclosure not go all the way to the edge, for a less compact look as this enclosure and deck setup will also be used as 16s5p setups in the future.

This is the rough outline on how the setup will end up.

Deck: Red Ember NorthCamp.
Trucks: 3-links - last edition before the production ones.
Wheels: 145mm Bishop Racing Products wheels / Stooge race wheels.
Battery: 8s10p Molicel p42A cells.
Enclosure: will make one to fit this config.
Esc: Mamba Xlx - original ones.
Motors: sss in runners 5694 800kv
Radio: GT2B

I will update this thread as the build progresses.


Yeah stick with 10P I think. The closer your enclosure is to the edges of the deck, the less clearance you have on turns. And you said it yourself, that you want this board to be relatively lightweight :stuck_out_tongue:


Thats a good point too!

Nice build. I’m very curious about those escs and inrunners. I’ve never tried them or know of anyone in West Oz running them.

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I have been glad using that set up with lipos. But set up do have some weak points. Not being sensored makes it a tad more difficult to launch from zero. And motors heat up when doing extremely tight track like the T-race. But Those issues should have been solved with the new mambas and sensored motors from castle. But I am not there yet.


Nice! Looking forward to following along. Have no clue about those ESCs, how do RC ESCs handle the weight of riders and their boards?