Strangely familiar yet airless rubber wheels

These are a new set of wheels by TeamGee for their flagship board… what do you guys think? Looks like what they use on some RC toys - compared to Gummies or ABECs they cost a bomb at $299 for a set… 102mm dia

There’s “soft bias” review here :



  1. not a common mounting hole pattern. i wouldn’t use it for a DIY build, you’ll have trouble getting vendors to make custom pulleys for these wheels.
  2. at $299, id rather get literally any other wheel out there and spend the difference on a good steak dinner.
  3. holes in urethane wheels… just no…

rubber apparently

They are hub motors? Pulleys?

I only read this. Makes sense that it’s $299 then…


Better than what they started off making

Now AWD… Would be interesting.
(On a actually nice deck with quality trucks)


I have them on my H20T. They are very good crossover wheels. They are 105mm and provide a safe ride through rainy and muddy weather. Also good for snow, if you dare. It’s not the ideal wheel for perfect sunny days with smooth roads. You can compare it with the SR OG wheels and the Foamies. They sit somewhere in between.



Hubs. See in the first pic those first two don’t have the dish, it’s cause they fit over the motors.

I know I was asking why he was talking about pulleys .

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Hmm wonder how well they are balanced and ride. Maybe a decent replacement rubber for unfortunate peps with bumpy skullboard hubs

That is of course if they sell replacement sleeves and front wheels separately

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They look good to me, also the option to use urethane tires if needed. I would like to see something bigger around 120mm. I always thought a rubber Foamie type wheel would be good as a hub motor.