Stormcore 60D+ Error / Motor stutter


Board of @WilliWonka that now belongs to @iLikeThemStiff has some issues.

1 motor side is stuttering pretty bad.

In the terminal windows I see this error:


I’ve never seen that error before.

Is the motor stuttering when riding the board?
What about under no load? Or is it stuttering during motor detection?
Have you tried re-running motor detection?
Which FW version are you running?
Sensored or sensorless?
Have you checked that all the phase connections are solid? (That’s a common cause of stuttering)

Use the desktop app through USB and type in “faults” on each of the CANBUS units. I’ve found that on the android app it doesn’t properly change to the other side when checking faults on the Unity/Stormcore.

I’m guessing there is a DRV fault on the other side.

EDIT: Another troubleshoot would be to swap motors and see if the issue remains on the same side. Would eliminate either the ESC or the motor.


Swapped the motors, one motor seems to be dead.

Were no faults. Also I can just type faults through the app, but yes it doesn’t seems to switch can bus

Now flux linkage fails on detection.

Will measure the motors with a fluke

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When you type faults on the android app, it only shows faults for that “side” you are on. Even through the Stormcore has one MCU, it emulates CANBUS, so if there is a fault on side 2, it won’t show unless you connect to that side by CANBUS. The android app has a bug where it won’t show faults on side 2 on these units while the windows/linux app will when you switch canbus units.

This is sometimes related to too high of a battery voltage cut-off. During motor detection try setting the series count to lower than what the battery actually is. You can adjust later.


LSM6DS3 is the IMU. The ESC seems to think somethings wrong with it


I think I’m experiencing same issue in my LSSS with the 100D. I was waiting on some new motors to rule out issues cause one of them sounds horrible

Did you ever figure out this issue?