Stormcore 60D, 12S P42A and Reacher 6374

I’m setting up my first diy build running a Stormcore 60D, 12S P42A and Reacher 6374. I have encountered a couple issues that I need help with.

Motor setup has been run and both motors are running. However, one motor is making a bit of a weird rattling noise at higher rpm. When turned by hand both motors feel identical, with no noticeable issues coming from the motor that makes the noise at higher rpm. I also noticed that at very low rpm the motor with the issue stops turning while the other motor will still run, so the throttle input seems to be slightly out of sync between the two motors. Not sure if the two issues are related or not. I’m also not noticing the rattling noise when the motors are being run in setup. It’s only noticeable when running after setup.

The other issue that I’ve had is I couldn’t run the remote setup on the PC version of the app, as it’s saying the Stormcore is on an older firmware. The IOS version did allow the remote setup though. Im not sure how to get around this other than updating the firmware on the Stormcore which im not too keen on doing at this stage. If I do setup on IOS, can the settings carry over to PC? I tried opening in PC after running setup IOS but the settings are being lost.

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pretty sure this is normal, happens on all my boards. I experienced the high rpm sound as well and all was fine.

Update the firmware to be able to do the input setup

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All your stuff works fine so don’t worry too much. The rattling is a software thing, and the low speed spinning different is completely normal.

Like @vegr0 said, update your firmware to 5.3 and run motor detection again.

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On a work rack, off the ground with no load, mine did the same thing, low throttle nothing, but the more throttle, the more noise. Took her out for a test spin and the motors were ok.

Thanks all. I’ve updated the firmware and run detection again, but it still sounds the same. It sounds like it’s probably nothing to worry about though, from everyone’s comments. I’ll just see how it sounds under load I guess.


I have some weird anecdotal experience regarding that weird clicking.

The other day I was testing some new escs we got in (d75s) on a test rig using the same motors for each test.

Each esc presented different clicking qualities. One of them showed almost no clicking at all.

In my experience, it’s not an issue while riding tho, only when spun up on the bench.


Just an update on this. So I ran the board loaded up over the weekend. There were no more weird noises and everything ran ok as you all had suggested would probably be the case.

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