STORMCHASER | 16S4P | Trampa Carver | RKP

As a gift for one of my best friends I built her a board for just the price of parts.


Deck: Trampa Carver

Drivetrain: BN-AT on BN270 RKP Trucks on adjustable baseplates

Enclosure: Eboardperu

Wheels: Trampa 5 stars on sunmate 8ins

Battery: 16s4p P42A (I had to build this twice bc the first one got drained to 14v after I left the ubox on for a weekend)


I made some stainless steel brackets to extend the wheelbase and get a 0° platform for the RKP trucks. I also added smart LED’s to make the holes in the deck glow. They’re filled with epoxy.


(yes I cleaned up all the motor/sensor cables)

The lights react to sound


Handoff complete, not rideable until I figure out my abs over current issue on the Ubox V1


Damn, very cool, wonder if the ABS overcurrent issue is at all related to lights.

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Can’t be, lights are powered by a buck converter through the bms

Remember how Jeremy’s unity on his flux was freaking out when he plugged in his lights into the board? Disconnecting the buck is worth a try for when you take it apart


That ubox does weird shit tho, just saying worth making sure it’s not the issue by taking it in/out of the circuit and testing f

Is that enclosure dbl stacked?