StOrmBreaKer_BullyDeck 37” Integrated Enclosure | MAD Storm DD | Popoca 90mm | Focbox Unity | 12s4p 30Q

Next to Thanos build, I need something for those days that you want just more. At least that is the plan :grin: My main aim is always to make something stealth, belt drive, gear drive are really good…I know it’s me but i can not drive something electric that make more noise than my car. It’s a my thing but I need something different. I have been using hub motors and last year moved to direct drive. After the first DD made (MAD Fury. MAD hubs Direct Drive conversion), I immediately wanted to make another one. the rest of the story is known nad if you missed you can find it here :smile: (MAD Storm…The attempt to create the Most Powerful Direct Drive_LoL . So let’s get started…

Idea: image image image


  • BullyDeck @rey8801 Oh my dears how much time for designing and make it happen. It was a pain :rofl: but what to say, I dream it for long time a drop down deck fully integrated…stealthy AF!


  • MAD Storm DD @rey8801 Freshly finished. I hope that will give me back half of the time I spent making them imageimage
  • Popoca 90mm Simply because I love low ride and popoca is the best 90mm wheels I have used so far. I will probably experiment different wheels in the future though.
  • 12s4p 30Q Gonna use NESE approach @agniusm, with modified modules from @mishrasubhransu
  • FOCbox Unity

Where I am now… Making the battery. Still waiting the final bms. It’s gonna be tiny or no way I can fit it. imageimage image

to be continued…:wink:


@rey8801, whats the dimension of the bms? Did you model it by any chance?

The one in the picture is really small but is not balancing
At the end I went for the red waterproof one you see on AliExpress. You send them an email and they make the 12s version (usually only 13s for Liion available). There is the 16A docharge version thst is really tiny but was finoshed
So got the 18A that is still small. I will post pic later


Battery almost done. I am waiting the velcro before solder the balance leads.

Had to modify the deck a bit to better accommodate the motor phase wires.


Show us the battery. BTW, I found issues with the way I was warping the walls to create compression without the toplid. I was bending it in the completely supported areas there by reducing the distance in the areas that can’t move. That’s why it was so tight. I have corrected that and now it fits great at 100% scaling. It’s on thingiverse if you wanna try.


I forgot to take pictures :sweat_smile:
Anyway i also modified the file until I got what I think is the right compression. Unfortunately the integrated deck do not allow me to use zip ties that for sure would help over time acting as stress relief.


Following. I’d love to have a set of MAD storms on some 110mm wheels.

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Charge only or discharge bms?

always discharge only for me. Plus a 5mm bigger bms won’t fit anyway :smile:


going to be a beautiful board man. keep up the great work


Thx I try it :grin:

Dude, tidy build!
How is the small aliExpress BMS performing? Is it keeping the cells balanced accurately?

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I would know it if I am not that lazy to finish to mill the front truck and ride this thing :crazy_face: The reality I didn’t not have time to finish it. I hope to give it a try before the summer says bye bye


Haha fair enough! It’s always the way! :call_me_hand:

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Was about the time to try to finish it :grin:

As always I have no space left for nothing in the enclosure. The NESE modules are cool but takes a lot of space. I should try to make them thiner.
Anyhow I have almost finished it today.


Looking great Rey :slight_smile: You indirectly made me buy the Rocketboard since your Bullydeck would have been too expensive but its a beauty for sure :slight_smile: Is this your race setup? :smiley:


Thanks! Really happy about it. Yes you are totally right this deck costed me a lot to make it. Let’s say that I really wanted a low ride drop down deck for the odd days. I do not see me using it as much as the other, I am more for short deck but I thought I would give it a try :grin: Just for information, which spot welder are you using for your battery now? because NESE takes a lot of space and in the future build I won’t have enough. The classic Sunko or whatever is not an option for me because it causes the current drop in my apartment and at work (I guess the fuse is not big enough in my electric circuit).


I used the Sunkko, but I had to use it at work and even there it was not easy to find a room with the right fuses :smiley: You’ll want slower fuses (C-Type), then you can go up to 70% power output which was sufficient. The weld spots are not as big as the ones you see here but I compensated for this with quantity :wink: Of course I tested the connection, couldn’t rip it apart by hand, only with pliers which ripped open the nickel strip, should be fine :slight_smile: If it wasn’t only for this one battery I’d use a KWeld but since I have no plans for another battery build (yet) it wouldn’t have made sense :wink:


I also use the Sunkko for the the Thanos build but after left in the dark 2 floors at work :rofl: I went to a friend place where I know it would work. I agree that with the right setting the welds are strong enough. Been riding for over 1k km and battery is still fine at the time of last check (3 weeks ago). Yeh I read about that spot welder. I will think about it, Thx for the info :grin:


I use this one.

No problems so far. Around 6-7 packs done.