Steering Damper on a Truck.

I want to try out a Motorcycle steering Damper on a Esk8 truck to reduce wobbling at higher speeds.
Has anyone did something like this before?

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Yes. Moe stooge has, and others


@NoWind was doing that long ago while most of us were still cutting our teeth… both figuratively and literally.


I know @Skatardude10 did xD

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Tried it on the front, death trap. Try it yourself if you want to see what I mean… On the rear it works great. Never had any wobbles regardless, but damper on the rear felt like riding on a maglev board, locked into stability without sacrificing much maneuverability. Being adjustable was nice, but in practice I rarely felt the need to adjust anything since any added benefit just baseline helped an already stable setup, and regardless of the setting a full lean was still possible.

I don’t go fast anymore so I don’t really need the added stability, but when I was using it (and needing it, or at least benefiting from it) I constantly wondered why this wasn’t a thing for every fast setup.


At what speeds to riders start experiencing speed wobbles? It would be cool to see a dampener that could be retrofit to most set-ups.