Steel vs aluminium pullies

The grub screw slot in my steel pulley recently became unusable, so was looking for a replacement pulley. Steel pullies seem to be less readily available and more expenisve than aluminium, which got me wandering if i really need steel pullies for this application. What do you guys think?

Aluminium motor pulleys wear out a lot faster than steel ones in my experience,
however aluminium wheel pulleys seem to not wear as much.

I’d go for steel motor pulleys personally.

Yes, aluminium motor pulleys generally last less than a single belt.

Ah ok, would the evolve replacement pulley work, it seems to have the lowest shipping cost.

If your motor has a D shaft then yes, otherwise no.

Yes, my motors have a d-shped shaft

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Coventional wisdom (metal pulleys):

Motor pulley = Steel
Wheel pulley = Aluminum