Stator lamination steel

So i’m about to upgrade my board with APS 80100 motors, previously i had a lot of issues with APS and because of that i wanted to open up both motors to investigate them and then battle harden the shit outa them before putting them to proper use.

So i did a quick bench test just to see that they at least works before doing anything else, everything seems fine so i opened both of them. Apart from the phase cable insulation already being damaged inside both motors i noticed that on one of the there are some notches in the lamination plates. Not knowing exactly what those plates does it still troubles me, i guess ut has to do with the magnetic field.

So, if anyone can tell me if this could be a problem or not that would be great, like causing a hot spot and overheat the motor? Thank’s in advance!

Just let a bit of epoxy drop in and you good.
Make sure you put some epoxy on the windings as well. The motors have lose windings from time to time.
Oh and on the sensor pcb too and between the magnets aaaaand change the bearings :wink:


The copper wire itself already creates a magnetic field, there are inductors (motors) that are coreless as well (also called aircore). However adding a ferromagnetic core, such as the laminated stator in your hand there, increases the magnetic field (force) by hundred sometimes thousands times the strength of using it as a coreless. So yes. It has to do with the magnetic field. The small damage you have there is probably insignificant but some epoxy is always nice.


Yeah, these motors really needs epoxy… everywhere… did you also replace the axle bearings or just the big one?

Okej! Tack för förklaringen! :slight_smile:

Only the big one as one broke after the first ride. Will let the other inside till they done. Let’s see how long they hold up. On my 6384 i changed all of them already.

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My original big bearings on the 8085 motors never had any problems, granted i only used them for like 200-300km or so.

Bearings on my 6384 still running strong after maybe 500km

Aps quality fluctuations :joy: you lucky or doomed…depending which batch you bought your motor from. A bit like lottery

Well i wouldnt say lucky, didnt have troubles with the bearings but just about everything else :sweat_smile:

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