Spur gear w/motors on hangar

Update: title is wrong, it is a Helical GD

Subject: [USA] complete Helical gear w/ motors on ultimate hangar

All trampa items.
Helical gear drive w/ 160kv 6376 motors
Ultimate trampa truck maybe 30 miles on it
Drive used for about 1-200 miles tops
1:5.8 gear helical cut pom
All parts accounted for and as clean as possible (ever tried washing that grease off?)
$750 you pay shipping

-Optional brand new blue phatladz w/ 9" mud pluggers x2 +$100

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Do you mean helical? I see no spurs :face_with_monocle:


So smart

Look at that. There’s even the little monocle wearing emoji to convey study or confusion or monopoly. I like it. Thank you for your question penis wrinkle. You sir are correct. This forum never disappoints. I hope yours isnt the only of its kind on my for sale post. I can tell we are gonna be great friends.

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Your defensiveness is a strange tactic likely a result of not being able to convey tone over a web interface.

I was simply asking to clarify since you have a product for sale with pictures not matching description.

You mentioned spur gears on motors and I was genuinely interested as I’m looking for some.

:grinning: This emoji with a sideways D shaped mouth generally conveys happy feelings and friendship so I think you’ll be OK.



Lol it’s my asked for title

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Again. I love it. I am flattered i mean ive seen this but never could hope it would happen on my post. Penis wrinkle i love it. Thanks again friend. You rascal you.

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Makes more sense, I shouldve seen that. Apologies and I redact my earlier statement.


I am trying to edit it but i really sont see a way to fix it.

That’s one of the stupid discourse rules for basic users.

@xsynatic can you work your mod magic?

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It’s literally his title


I don’t. Sorry.

Account related things are outside of my magic bubble.


I think the thread title needs to be changed from spur gear to helical gear

I thought maybe you could wiki it, fix description (title) , and unwiki

I might be able to turn it into a wiki and change it.

I was referring to the basic user limitations I can’t change, sorry.

Yeah my bad, I thought it was an insult from out of nowhere and didn’t want to be too harsh in case it was something silly like it was.

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I did wiki it and change the desc. but the title is locked. Only the owner can change it (once he has the ability)


So do i at least have the incredible ability to delete my post. Im sure there are inportant reasons for not letting the newest members (who undoubtedly fuck up the most) edit their posts.


If you keep shitposting and reading other threads you will move past the “spam blocker” status at some point. Or you can ask an admin for assistance